ThousandEyes at Cisco Live US 2019

ThousandEyes at Cisco Live

JUNE 9 - 13, 2019
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA

The Internet: See It. Understand It. Improve It.

The Internet is the critical dependency in delivering quality digital experiences. When something breaks on the Internet and it takes down your website, app or service, it is not your fault but now it is your problem. Since the Internet is a 'best effort' network made up of an alphabet soup of providers and infrastructures that you don't own or control (think ISPs, CDNs, DNS, BGP, DDoS, etc.) how do you pinpoint what is causing your customer digital experiences to suffer? And moreover, how do you compel those third parties to take action?

Request a private briefing at Cisco Live US 2019 for a custom demonstration of how the Internet is impacting your digital experience. Provide a public URL your team cares about to see firsthand how the Internet impacts your users' experience of your website, app or service.

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Public Cloud Performance: Which Is the Right Cloud Provider for Your Business?

Given the proliferation of the public cloud within the enterprise architecture and the dominance of the Big 3—AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure—how do you know which provider will perform best for your business? This session will walk through the findings of the first-of-its-kind comparative study of the three major public cloud providers, revealing major network performance and connectivity differences you need to know about.

Measuring the Global Performance of CDN Providers

Set to release at CiscoLive 2019, join this session to be the first to hear the findings from a global study comparing the performance of four major content delivery network (CDN) providers. The study measures network and app server latency and page load times from vantage points around the globe to the provider edges and to a set of origins through the provider CDNs. Performance to the origins independent of a CDN will also be measured to establish baselines. An overview of the testing methodology will be shared, alongside preliminary results. The session will conclude with a preview of additional findings regarding performance variations based on origin location/cloud host, the comparative efficiency of routing/protocol algorithms, and DNS versus Anycast services.

Cloud Outages: From HTTP to DNS to BGP

Cloud, SaaS and Internet outages are becoming increasingly common and severe in today's Internet-centric enterprise landscape, impacting employee productivity on one end and brand reputation on the other. Join this session to get a visual walkthrough of several recent outages as seen in the ThousandEyes platform and take away some valuable lessons about how to manage a multitude of risks in your cloud strategy.

Ready, Set, SD-WAN!

SD-WANs increase reliance on an unpredictable Internet. Successful roll-outs require a data-driven approach to assessing readiness across the enterprise, plus ongoing operational visibility. This talk will show how to use ThousandEyes visibility to baseline and remediate Internet connectivity, then address overlay, underlay, cloud-based security, and app-layer use cases in an SD-WAN roll-out.

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Come see a customized demonstration of how the Internet is impacting your website performance. Join us for a 5-minute theater presentation showing how ThousandEyes was able to pinpoint root cause during major Google, AWS and Facebook outages and pick up our latest t-shirt!

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Cisco Live US 2019

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