Public Sector

Complete IT Visibility for Modern Agencies

Government agencies are modernizing with
digital citizen services, cloud migration of
employee applications and
hybrid and SD-WANs.

Multi-Layered Visibility from App to Network to Internet

ThousandEyes provides multi-layered visibility from every user vantage point, offering digitally transforming agencies the intelligence they need to get citizen services, employee productivity and new WAN architectures right.
Federal Government
Monitoring end-to-end network performance is critical to managing a workforce that is distributed across field offices and an increasingly complex web of cloud, SaaS and IoT dependencies that underpin your citizen services.
State and Local Government
Monitoring application performance from the app and network levels is crucial for state and local agencies who manage a variety of citizen-facing applications across taxation, health care, licensing, transportation, and more.
Higher Education
Monitoring application and network-layer performance across campus-wide WAN deployments and enabling effective content delivery to remote students are critical to providing the utmost student digital experience.

FedRAMP Compliance

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services for US Federal agencies.

ThousandEyes meets the FedRAMP security requirements and is listed as FedRAMP Ready at the Moderate impact level in the FedRAMP Marketplace. ThousandEyes provides agencies with deep visibility into their entire application and user experience delivery to overcome operational cloud computing challenges, accelerate cloud adoption and deliver superior digital experiences.

Product/Service Name(s): ThousandEyes US
FedRAMP Marketplace

Understand Citizen and Employee Digital Experience

Modernization roadmaps rely on a complex matrix of inter-service communication
across infrastructures and networks that agencies do not own or control.

Multi-Cloud Performance Insight

Measure and visualize application and network-layer performance between your hybrid, private and public cloud services to gain immediate and comprehensive visibility into every delivery path in your multi-cloud environment.

Mission Continuity and Security

Gain insight into end-to-end routes—inside and outside of the agency, across the internet, around the world—to quickly measure network performance and security factors that could threaten the continuity of your agency's mission
and services.

Citizen and Employee Digital Experience

Go beyond basic monitoring solutions to understand if problems are within the application, the agency intranet or the global Internet to quickly identify remediation paths before your employee or citizen digital experience suffers.

Gain Detailed, End-to-End Service Path Visibility

See how they're working, where they're breaking and what to do about it.

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What Our Customers Say

"Now, we can immediately see where outages and network performance issues are taking place, regardless of where the issue lies. With ThousandEyes, what was unknown becomes instantly visible."
Jamalh Lagrone
Senior Enterprise Messaging System Engineer

Who We Work With

A large federal financial regulatory agency uses ThousandEyes to improve employee digital experience by monitoring critical internal and SaaS apps from major sites across the US to ensure performance and availability across their WAN and the Internet.
Multiple US federal agencies ensure performance, availability and security of critical citizen-facing websites by monitoring the integrity of DNS and BGP routing from cloud vantage points around the nation to ensure immediate action for any drop in service availability.
A major metropolitan city IT department is using ThousandEyes visibility to ensure availability, performance and user experience of dozens of critical citizen-facing services as well as cloud, SaaS and internal applications hosted in the city's data centers.

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