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How to Architect a Secure Remote Access Solution Without Sacrificing Performance

Internet and Cloud Intelligence Starts With Trust

Our team's top priority is delivering you a reliable service built on rigorous standards of information security and privacy.

Service Status

Service Availability

All critical information resources at ThousandEyes are only operated in data centers which are built to Tier III requirements, including redundant capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths serving the data processing footprint. There is sufficient mechanical electrical and plumbing (MEP) capacity to meet the needs of the data processing systems even when one of these redundant MEP components has been removed from the infrastructure. All ThousandEyes systems and applications also have recovery plans prepared and tested. We are currently working towards adopting ISO 22301 for our business continuity program management.

Our target platform availability and Service Level Agreement with our customers is 99.5%. We have planned maintenance of up to 90 minutes every two weeks.


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