Network Visibility For Your Juniper Hybrid WAN

Create network visibility from your Juniper Networks Cloud CPE
to critical applications that traverse the corporate WAN and Internet.

Troubleshoot WAN Performance

Pinpoint problem areas across any network segment with bidirectional
path visibility and network metrics like loss, latency and jitter.
ThousandEyes path visualization

Manage Application Performance with Network Connectivity

Detect issues with both internal and SaaS applications, from HTTP to VoIP.
Visualize the influence of network behavior on application performance.
ThousandEyes server availability map

Enrich Junos with Network Monitoring

Extend network visibility across your Internet-centric WAN with Enterprise Agents
deployed on Juniper NFX250 Network Service Platform.

Reuse What You Have

Collocate network monitoring on existing
Juniper hardware and maximize your
infrastructure investments.

Broaden Your View

Expand your monitoring vantage
points and get visibility into
deeper parts of your WAN.

Add Network Intelligence

Enterprise Agents, deployed as
VNFs run as stand-alone
services on Juniper NFX250.