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Time2Market Ensures High-Quality Unified Communications and Cloud-Hosted VoIP Calls with ThousandEyes Network Intelligence

San Francisco, CA —
ThousandEyes Eliminates Network Visibility Gaps, Enabling Time2Market to Deliver Quality Voice Experiences for Their Customers

ThousandEyes, the network intelligence company that provides visibility into the Internet, cloud and every network that companies run on, today announced Time2Market (T2M), a leading Unified Communications (UC) integrator and cloud-hosted VoIP provider, has selected ThousandEyes to gain external network visibility in order to provide the highest quality UC experiences for T2M customers.

As businesses are increasingly migrating from on-premises VoIP infrastructure to cloud-based solutions, they are no longer managing networks that are under their control. T2M is addressing this hurdle by using ThousandEyes to provide critical visibility and insights across their customers' private and cloud network segments to proactively look for and remediate performance concerns to ensure the best possible end-user experience for cloud-hosted VoIP calls and UC applications. T2M refers to this process as their Cloud Readiness Assessment, a critical component to ensuring overall VoIP quality from an end customer's perspective on day one.

"Establishing a close working relationship with our customers is the key to our success, and ThousandEyes' ability to quickly isolate what is causing specific customer issues is a crucial factor in building trust in these relationships," said David Hughey, T2M Technical Account Manager. "ThousandEyes is the eyes and ears of our network monitoring environment, ensuring that customers experience the positive impact next-generation collaboration can have on their business."

To deliver an enterprise-class service to their customers, ThousandEyes helps T2M monitor the performance of third-party VoIP services in the cloud, such as Skype for Business, in addition to T2M's own hosted solution. T2M also uses ThousandEyes to help with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure readiness assessments for their customers, simulating customer connectivity to the nearest cloud provider datacenter, which allows T2M to accurately predict the best possible VoIP and application performance.

"VoIP and UC applications are the lifeblood of T2M's customer base, and keeping their communications applications running at an optimal performance is key to attracting and keeping customers," said Paul Kizakevich, senior vice president of global sales, ThousandEyes. "By identifying performance issues in external networks their customers don't own, ThousandEyes is helping T2M improve overall service quality for their customers' cloud-based communications, which is ultimately helping them grow their business."

Learn more about how Time2Market leverages ThousandEyes in this case study, "Time2Market Ensures High-Quality SaaS VoIP for their Customers."

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About ThousandEyes

ThousandEyes, the Internet and Cloud Intelligence company, delivers the only collectively powered view of the Internet enabling enterprises and service providers to work together to improve the quality of every digital experience. The ThousandEyes platform leverages data collected from an unmatched fleet of vantage points throughout the global Internet, from within data centers and VPCs and on end user devices to expose key dependencies that impact digital service delivery, empowering businesses to see, understand and improve how their customers and employees experience any digital website, application or service. ThousandEyes is central to the global operations of the world's largest and fastest growing brands, including 160+ of the Global 2000, 85+ of the Fortune 500, 6 of the 7 top US banks, and 20 of the 25 top SaaS companies. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter at @ThousandEyes.

About Time2Market

Time2Market (T2M) provides strategic business and technical consulting for the design and deployment of modern communications solutions. The T2M portfolio includes Cloud Services, Managed Services, Systems Integration, Network Consulting, and SD-WAN Solutions—all delivered with a "white glove" quality of experience. Time2Market is Your IP Voice Expert. For more information, visit

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