ThousandEyes Internet Insights™

Internet-scale network outage detection based on collective intelligence.

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The Internet is Chaotic, Yet Core to Your Business


routing errors per year


of hybrid IT outages
due to external providers

17 million

DDoS attacks annually by 2020

Don't Let the Internet Push You Around

It's time to take a proactive approach to mitigate outage-related risks.

"Being able to look beyond our own view of the Internet to instantly verify if the issue is unique to us, or if its a larger issue impacting others, is incredibly useful information to have when an application performance issue is impacting our customers our employees. That data allows me to immediately escalate the conversation with the service provider that's causing the issue because I can show them it's not just us, but their issue is impacting several other major businesses, too. It helps them effectively prioritize issue remediation, and it helps us be able to confidently communicate what's going on to our customers, which is a win-win for everyone."
Oleg Onatzevitch Vice President, Enterprise Network Services
Large Multinational Investment Bank
"However resilient the Internet may be, at the end of the day it's still rife with problems that have material impacts on businesses that rely on it existentially for their day-to-day operations. Internet Insights™ gives the collective whole a clear advantage in managing what is inherently a collective problem. Ultimately, faster remediation of service outages improves the overall quality and performance of the global Internet, making worldwide connectivity more reliable than ever."
Shamus McGillicuddy Research Director

Managing the Internet is a
modern business imperative

Your customers and employees expect applications and services to be reachable on demand, at all times. Anything less than that can damage your revenue and reputation.

The Internet is unpredictable
and prone to outages

The fabric of the global Internet is comprised of an interconnected web of infrastructure and providers. The complex nature of the Internet makes it especially vulnerable to hijacking, leaks and, yes, outages.

No business can monitor
the Internet alone

Most monitoring efforts focus on the providers and infrastructure that you know about, but the interconnected nature of the Internet introduces risks well beyond your sphere of control.

Move from Chaos to Clarity

Outages happen. Let's talk about how Internet Insights™ can help you overcome them with confidence.