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Cloud Performance Report

AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Cloud performance and connectivity put to the test.

Cloud Research

The Cloud Performance Report measures and compares network performance between the top three cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Now in its third edition, this report breaks the mold of survey-based research and vendor-led reporting to provide a unique, unbiased third-party and metric-based perspective on public cloud performance. It provides I&O professionals with deep insight into the characteristics and behaviors of the major public cloud providers, informed by their performance and stability over time, so they can make informed architectural decisions.

Here's Why You Should Read This Report

Gain Insights into Global Performance

Cloud performance should not be a black box. Find out the strengths and weaknesses of the three major cloud vendors, and how they can impact your business globally.

Make Data-Driven
Cloud Decisions

Rely on data, not just your gut, to make confident decisions about your cloud-first investments. This report offers valuable metrics and insights along with best practices recommendations.

Leverage a Comprehensive Dataset

Benefit from an in-depth analysis of data points spanning hybrid cloud, Inter-region and Inter-AZ measurements—collected over a three-year period—for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.


Bloor Research

"Increasingly, businesses rely on a complex mix of ever changing distributed, API-centric, and cloud-dependent applications and services to deliver great customer experience and meet their revenue and profit goals. The fact that, in the cloud, there is no ‘steady-state’ and that gaining end-to-end visibility into networks that are not under your control is challenging. This poses business risk that, often, is not well understood in the boardroom. ThousandEyes latest cloud report can guide IT Operations teams on the variables and dependencies that matter most, and help them build better business assurance."

Paul Bevan
Research Director, Bloor


ThousandEyes Summit: Cloud State 2022

Angelique Medina, research author and Head of Internet Intelligence at ThousandEyes, reveals the findings of the third edition of the Cloud Report, a measurement-based comparison of the network performance and architectural differences between the three major public cloud providers.

2022 cloud performance report

Now more than ever, organizations are relying on public cloud networks as a critical part of their infrastructure. So it is critically important to make informed, data-driven vendor decisions when planning and managing cloud deployments.


The Cloud Performance Benchmark (2019-2020 Edition) measures and compares network performance between the top five cloud providers—Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Alibaba Cloud.

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