2018 Global DNS Performance Benchmark Report

Cover for 2018 Global DNS Performance Benchmark Report

Research Report

DNS performance can have a noticeable impact on web and application performance, yet it's an aspect of IT infrastructure that's often given limited attention. While you may not be able to directly control some factors that affect DNS service performance, you should be aware of how DNS services can be architected for best performance.

The 2018 Global DNS Performance Report measures the performance of three DNS infrastructures—managed DNS providers, public resolvers and global root servers—to help you make the best decisions for your business. This report is a point-in-time study of performance that can be used to make provider choices and track changes over time.

Read this report today to learn how to:
  • Architect DNS for resilience and diversity
  • Choose optimal Managed DNS providers
  • Understand the implications of public DNS resolver performance
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