Analysis of a Major GCP Outage

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Alex Henthorn-Iwane VP Product Marketing
Angelique Medina Director, Product Marketing

Webinar Overview

On Sunday, June 2, 2019, Google Cloud Platform experienced a multi-region outage in the U.S. that had far-reaching, global impacts. Google services including YouTube, G Suite, Google Compute Engine and third-party services like Snapchat, Shopify and Discord were reportedly impacted.

Join this webinar to see an analysis of this outage plus a recent major incident with another online provider to understand the downstream implications that cloud outages can have on your service delivery and user experience. Register now to learn:
  • What exactly happened during the outage
  • Monitoring best practices to reduce MTTI during cloud outages
  • How to get to effective remediation with cloud providers when things go wrong
  • Why multi-region and multi-cloud monitoring should be part of your resiliency plan