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Best Practices for Assuring SD-WAN Performance


Lifting the Lid off Service Provider Performance with Collective Intelligence

Internet Outages    57:01
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Are your service providers performing as expected for your business? Do you know if disruptions in your service providers are local or have a broader impact?

Your customer and employee digital experiences rely on a vast number of ISPs, cloud services, SaaS, and other external providers—and this number will only increase as you move to SD-WAN and optimize how your branch offices and data centers connect to cloud and SaaS. But determining the ideal providers for your use case—and managing them successfully over time—can be extremely challenging in the absence of real, provider-specific data.

Operations teams need aggregated telemetry data beyond their own view of the Internet—rather than public rumor—to verify if performance issues are a larger issue impacting others. With broader visibility in an easy-to-share format, your team can help providers effectively prioritize issue remediation and confidently communicate with your customers.

To address this need, ThousandEyes has introduced Internet Insights™—which expands visibility of service provider performance, so you can make informed provider decisions and assertively collaborate to set performance expectations and manage SLAs.

Sign up for this webinar to get a first-hand look at Internet Insights™ and how it works together with your active monitoring tests to give you a full picture of your digital business. You'll learn how to:

  • Gain historical insight into service provider performance so you can make the best vendor decisions for your business.
  • Understand if your providers are performing as expected or relative to providers in the same region so you can manage them more effectively.
  • Quickly determine if a service disruption is localized or part of a broad outage so you can prioritize and determine appropriate next steps — even if your providers don’t have any answers for you.
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