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Best Practices for Assuring SD-WAN Performance


Detecting Hijacks and Leaks

BGP & Routing    30:48
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The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) stitches the Internet together and is fundamental to network connectivity and digital experience for users. Route leaks and hijackings can lead not only to suboptimal routing and network performance issues but also to significant security risks.

Recognizing abnormal activity quickly and effectively is key to lessening much of the impact. Join us to learn how to monitor for route leak and hijack events, identify route leaks and hijacks, monitor these events and effectively mitigate their impact.

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • The anatomy of a route leak or hijack
  • How the BGP Route Visualization and metrics like reachability and packet loss provide visibility into route leaks and their impact
  • How to detect route leaks and hijacks using alerts
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