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eHarmony diagnoses performance issues
around the world within minutes.

About the Company

With over 61 million registered users,
eHarmony has successfully married
more than 565,000 couples, and is
responsible for nearly 5% of marriages
in the US.
Industry: Consumer Web Headquarters: Santa Monica, CA, USA Use Case: Website Monitoring
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Just Like Love, the Network Knows No Boundaries

eHarmony is a pioneer in using relationship science to match singles seeking long-term relationships. Its service presents users with compatible matches based on key dimensions of personality that are scientifically proven to predict highly successful long-term relationships. eHarmony currently makes matches in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia, with plans to grow its global reach following its significant brand recognition and demand for its service.

Web Performance for a Global Footprint

eHarmony is using ThousandEyes to proactively monitor its network, to trigger alerts and to identify performance trends and statistics. Today, ThousandEyes is used by the Operations and NOC teams to "detect problems when they occur across continents," according to Hav Mustamandy, Director of Systems Operations. With early detection, Hav's team can optimize server or network capacity if their is a congestion, routing or load problem.
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"Once I got my hands on the product,
our network performance all made sense."

Hav Mustamandy
Director of Systems Operations
ThousandEyes is aligned with eHarmony's strategy as it "globalizes across countries, one new country per quarter." The network intelligence provided by ThousandEyes is "very critical to achieving a 99.9% SLA across domains and platforms." For eHarmony this is about "increasing our customer retention rate and increasing the relationships that we match."

From Alert to Root Cause in Minutes

"The exercise of troubleshooting network performance is more complex than it has ever been, and used to take hours to pinpoint and resolve problems," said Hav. "With ThousandEyes path visualization and deep drilldown capabilities, our network teams are now diagnosing issues in a few minutes. Better still, we're detecting potential issues before they impact our customers, enabling us to spend more time on more strategic projects."
ThousandEyes Page Load Time Montioring
The eHarmony team regularly measures page load and network statistics.
The eHarmony team keeps a close watch on DNS response time and page load times across domains. When an alert is triggered, there is the depth of performance data for the eHarmony operations team to drill down with the page load waterfall and then zoom out to see things from a network perspective. Within seconds they can determine whether an issue is coming from a CDN provider. Or if an outage is regional or global.

Part of the Critical Workflow

In one recent issue, eHarmony saw alerts on performance within the United Kingdom. Hav recalls that his team "was able to see in ThousandEyes that it was a regional outage with British Telecom. Before ThousandEyes that would have taken 30-60 minutes. Now it's just a couple of minutes." And for the eHarmony team, minutes translate directly to money. With on-call NOC teams around the world, they pay for troubleshooting by the hour.

Thod Nguyen, CTO of eHarmony, added, "deploying ThousandEyes has been straightforward, with great support from their customer success team. It's been an easy transition and ThousandEyes has already become part of our critical workflow. The integration to ThousandEyes is very straightforward and that's fantastic." Already ThousandEyes is becoming a tightly integrated part of eHarmony's NOC dashboards and processes. As Nguyen states, the goal is for ThousandEyes to be the "de facto solution for performance monitoring."

"ThousandEyes has become the de facto
solution for performance monitoring."

Thod Nguyen
Chief Technology Officer

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