Who Moved My Network?
Mastering Hybrid WANs

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Topic: Enterprise Networks
Length: 27:09


Ian Waters Senior Director, EMEA Marketing
Stefan Mansson Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer

Webinar Overview

If you hadn't noticed, the modern WAN has moved, more of it leverages the internet and there's definitely more cloud involved. Smart companies in 2018 are finding ways to increase agility and reduce costs with new cloud and WAN technologies.

Join us for our 2nd webinar in partnership with Cisco to learn how companies today are leveraging hybrid WANs for branch, remote and even main office sites while preserving the visibility and insight they need with the ThousandEyes and Cisco integrated solution.

In this webinar, we'll share:
  • Why the dynamics for the modern WAN have changed
  • How Cisco and ThousandEyes are partnering to address this
  • Why our integrated solution can help you master hybrid WANs in 2018