Monitoring Your Digital Experience

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Topic: Network Intelligence
Length: 38:37


Angelique Medina Director, Product Marketing

Webinar Overview

Today, users have high expectations of their digital experience. They expect web and app response times to happen within two seconds or less. After three seconds, most users will simply abandon the interaction and move on, possibly to a competitor.

Delivering a great user experience depends on Internet performance and many third-party systems and networks. Each customer interaction may involve considerable inter-service communication, including potentially multiple API calls, taking place over networks and services that you don’t own or control. Despite this lack of control, you’re ultimately responsible for how customers experience your service.

Join us for this webinar, where we'll share insights on monitoring the external networks and services that impact your user experience. You'll learn how to:
  • Discover and monitor your external dependencies (e.g., ISPs, CDNs, third-party apps)
  • Correlate application-layer data with deep network insight to get to root cause faster
  • Get and share evidence with your providers to reduce mean time to troubleshoot (MTTT)