Outage Analysis: BGP Routing Errors
Ripple Across the Internet

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Alex Henthorn-Iwane VP Product Marketing

Webinar Overview

How did Cloudflare, AWS, Discord and a metals manufacturer all end up in the same Internet pile-up? For nearly two hours on June 24, 2019, a BGP routing error from an ISP in Pennsylvania rippled outward across the global Internet, creating havoc and causing Cloudflare, AWS and related services like Discord and Nintendo Life to become unavailable to many users. The worst part is that it was entirely preventable.

Join this webinar to see an analysis of how this Internet disruption unfolded. You'll learn:
  • How multiple cascading issues occurred to create this outage
  • Why BGP routing hygiene is such a problematic issue in the Internet
  • What visibility you need to minimize your business exposure to Internet issues