Ready, Set, SD-WAN:
Best Practices for
Assuring Branch Readiness

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Alex Henthorn-Iwane VP Product Marketing
Hans Ashlock Director, Technical Marketing

Webinar Overview

Today, enterprises are increasingly adopting SD-WAN initiatives in order to increase business agility and reduce costs. Yet many enterprises are still grappling with uncertainty around SD-WAN vendor maturity, ISP performance, and user experience impact—which can delay WAN modernization and expose this strategic business initiative to risk.

Join ThousandEyes to learn how you can implement a data-driven readiness program to ensure the success of your SD-WAN rollout. We’ll cover how to:
  • Benchmark and compare MPLS and Internet service performance to make sound transport decisions
  • Baseline and set performance thresholds and KPIs for business critical SaaS and internal apps
  • Validate SD-WAN vendor performance and policy routing behavior
  • Gain visibility into transport underlays to ensure performance and validate traffic routing
  • Understand the performance impact of your cloud security solutions