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Securing Your Digital Experience

Security    31:08

With increasing digital transformation, your customers primarily interact with you via a digital experience delivered over the Internet. This presents many opportunities for bad actors to disrupt your business by hijacking your services, or by denying access to them.

The Internet is fundamentally built on a chain of trust that is not hard to break. Fundamental aspects of Internet communication, including BGP and DNS, are susceptible to exploitation. BGP routes can be hijacked and DNS caches poisoned. Without visibility into Internet routing, alongside network and app-level data, enterprises are blind to significant security vulnerabilities.

The frequency and scale of DDoS attacks has also lead to the need for cloud-based security solutions that can process large quantities of traffic. Ensuring that these services are available and performing as expected is key—not only for security purposes, but because these services can impact the performance of your business and user digital experience.

In the second part of our Digital Experience webinar series, we'll share insights from our experience monitoring cloud security solutions. You'll learn how to:

  • Monitor DNS and BGP routing for malicious activity
  • Detect and monitor when traffic has been routed to a DDoS protection service
  • See performance variants when you or other organizations are under attack

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