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Best Practices for Assuring SD-WAN Performance


Service Assurance for the New Enterprise Reality

Cloud & SaaS    47:05
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For many organizations today, the new reality is that delivering high-performing digital services is core to building customer relationships and enabling employee productivity. However, IT teams are grappling with increasingly complex application environments, rising customer expectations and a distributed workforce.

IT teams are central to assuring application delivery to meet customer demand and connect employees, but the growth in the adoption of cloud, SaaS and Internet-based or software-defined networks means ensuring app performance and meeting service level objectives can be extremely difficult.

ThousandEyes’ insights into external service and application dependencies can help you fill in visibility gaps that put user experience at risk. In this session, we’ll demonstrate:

  • How to maintain visibility of the key apps you own as you migrate to cloud environments
  • How to gain end-to-end service delivery insight into the apps and networks you don’t own, including SaaS
  • How to proactively benchmark and troubleshoot extended architectures to enhance user experience
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