Why Internet Visibility is Critical
for Modern Application Delivery

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Sumana Mannem Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Webinar Overview

As organizations continue to adapt their IT strategies for a world in which we're more remote, the role of the Internet has never been more important in ensuring your customers can access your service and your employees remain connected and productive. The Internet is a shared infrastructure with no guaranteed SLAs and vulnerable to security threats, but it is now the lifeline of enterprise communication, application delivery and business continuity. So how do you manage digital experiences over a network that is unmanaged?

In this webinar, we will explore how to manage modern application delivery and performance with Internet visibility at the forefront, with real world examples. Find out:
  • How ThousandEyes gives you end-to-end network and application visibility to manage remote workforce productivity
  • What true Internet visibility looks like, and how it can help you deliver exceptional digital experiences for your customers
  • How to proactively troubleshoot, report and respond to user experience impacting issues