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Turn Data Into Actionable Intelligence

ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence and Cisco AppDynamics’ Application Performance Monitoring integrate in a seamless, automated fashion to produce a digital experience monitoring solution with unmatched visibility into the end-to-end digital supply chain. Proactively monitor from your end-users’ perspectives across any network to any application hosted anywhere, including all internal and external dependencies—BGP and DNS infrastructure, APIs, and cloud services—critical to application availability and performance.

ThousandEyes combines active and passive monitoring techniques to gather telemetry from across the elements of the digital delivery stack, even elements that enterprises don’t control, collecting actionable performance data on key dependencies, such as Internet health and routing behavior in addition to ISP and cloud connectivity, that impact application availability and end-user experience. AppDynamics goes deep into application code, monitoring performance between service tiers and identifying anomalies impacting business transactions. Through automated real-time data exchange between the two platforms, and intuitive workflows that reduce the time and effort needed to gain full-stack visibility, ITOps teams are able to more quickly detect business-disruptive incidents across all dependencies to ensure that critical applications perform consistently at high levels.

Complete End-to-End Service Visibility

The integration between ThousandEyes and AppDynamics is part of Cisco’s broader full-stack observability solution, solving the end-to-end service visibility challenge by providing deep insights into every dependency and every transaction of a complex digital service delivery supply chain.

Service visibility with ThousandEyes and AppDynamics

Proactive and Unified Visibility Into Application Experience

  • Proactively monitor application performance and Internet connectivity from ThousandEyes vantage points representing user locations from more than 200 cities around the globe to the application front door.
  • Automatically overlay ThousandEyes “outside-in” Internet visibility with application and infrastructure metrics from AppDynamics on either platform to visually correlate performance and quickly isolate application issues from underlying network disruptions, including at the services or transaction level.
  • Extend visibility into hybrid- and multi-cloud deployments to test backend application interactions and dependencies with external third-party APIs or cloud-based services.
Customer Story

FICO Turns to AppDynamics and ThousandEyes

"While most organizations are powerless to respond to third-party connectivity issues, AppDynamics and ThousandEyes gives us unprecedented visibility into every app and service we run as well as letting us track network traffic hops inside and outside of our environment. Together, they provide a roadmap for resolving performance and connectivity issues inside and outside of our network quickly, thoroughly, and proactively to keep our whole environment running at peak performance."

Hari Vittal, Senior Engineer, FICO

Internal Applications

Prove Network Innocence With Correlated Insights

Eliminate finger-pointing across AppOps and NetOps teams. With ThousandEyes and AppDynamics Bi-directional Integration, you get application and business performance data correlated with network and Internet performance metrics in a holistic view across both platforms to quickly determine root cause. Easily understand and visualize the business impact of outages with AppDynamics, facilitating prioritization of network incidents and improving overall operational efficiency. With ThousandEyes and AppDynamics, you can more quickly and seamlessly unify triaging workflows between operation teams.

ThousandEyes is natively integrated into AppDynamics dashboards

Proactively Identify and Eliminate Monitoring Gaps

By integrating network performance data from ThousandEyes, AppDynamics customers can gain a comprehensive understanding of every dependency that contributes to the performance of their applications. With monitoring recommendations and pre-configured test templates, you can easily align monitoring to your specific use cases and deploy ThousandEyes tests from within your AppDynamics dashboard. This enables you to take a more proactive approach to monitoring and troubleshooting, helping you to identify and resolve issues before they impact your users.

On-demand Webinar

Breaking Through IT Complexity With Full-Stack Observability

Experts from IDC and Cisco discuss the perspectives, benefits, challenges, and strategies for achieving full-stack observability to deliver exceptional digital experiences. They share key research findings and market observations on full-stack observability and how it is breaking through IT complexity.

Cisco - The Bridge to Possible

See How ThousandEyes and AppDynamics Work Together Seamlessly

Watch this demo to learn how ThousandEyes' bi-directional integration with AppDynamics enables IT to streamline workflows and uncover hidden app dependencies.

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Why ThousandEyes + AppDynamics?

See and understand every dependency that contributes to application performance.

Collaborate across IT teams using a common operating language.

Reduce the time and effort needed for scalable, holistic observability.

Solution Brief

ThousandEyes + AppDynamics Solution Brief

ThousandEyes and AppDynamics address the challenges of cloud and Internet-centric enterprise environments to provide a proactive and comprehensive view of application experience.

ThousandEyes + AppDynamics Solution Brief cover page

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