Deliver the Best User Experience

Providing a high quality application experience requires
monitoring all network segments, from first hop to last,
so you know where and how to take action.

Pinpoint Network Issues Wherever They Occur

Your application is slow. Customers can't reach your service. Is it an application issue? A network issue? Where in the network?
Which direction? Knowing exactly where to look makes your customers, and help desk, happier.
Traffic Outage Detection

Turbocharged Troubleshooting

Quickly determine if the network is the problem and which network is responsible. We'll even show you when and where your services are impacted by ISP outages.

End-to-End Visibility

Get visibility across the network with Cloud Agents that provide deep insight into how service providers affect user experience.

Customize Reports for Your Teams

Easily communicate ongoing performance, outages or competitive benchmarks with custom reports.

Monitor Performance of Your External Providers

Application availability is reliant on many others — ISPs, CDNs, DNS providers. ThousandEyes gives you
hop-by-hop visibility to see how your vendors and other third-party providers affect your application performance.
CDN and ISP Monitoring

Know All of Your Dependencies

Track performance of DNS, routing, CDNs, ISPs and all other elements responsible for getting your application to your customers.

Page Load and Transactions

Simulate end users and tie network performance back to third-party objects on your pages with page load and transaction tests.

Collaborate with Vendors

Share actionable data — live or historical — with external providers and internal teams so that problems get resolved quickly.