Monitor Cloud-Based Services with Ease

Get a clear understanding of application performance
and network connectivity as apps and users across your
organization move to the cloud.

Tie Together App and Network Metrics to Understand Cloud Migration

With a view into both web and network health, you'll be able to understand how issues
in your network, across the Internet and within service providers impact your business.

Monitor Your Most Critical SaaS Applications

Monitor site availability, ISP connectivity and Wi-Fi performance to key SaaS applications from
Enterprise Agents in your branch offices and Endpoint Agents located on your employee laptops and desktops.

Get Visibility Across IaaS and Hybrid Environments

Running parts of your applications in external hosting or cloud data centers?
Monitor connectivity between your corporate network and external services.
ThousandEyes Path Visualization

See Into Cloud Data Centers

Map and monitor your connectivity —
even direct interconnections — to
AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
or any IaaS data center.

View the Impact of Remote Proxies

Plan out placement and connections
of remote proxies from data centers,
offices and users across
your network.

Monitor Services Wherever They Are

Measure availability, response times
and network metrics for external APIs
or portions of your apps that have
moved to the cloud.

Solve Performance Issues for Remote Workers

It's not just applications that are moving to the cloud. Users are too.
See network performance for all of your remote and traveling employees.
ThousandEyes Wireless Topology

Easily Troubleshoot VPNs

Endpoint Agents map out VPN
connections so you can confirm their
use, connectivity and performance.

Put Wi-Fi Issues on a Leash

Correlate application and access
network performance with signal
quality, link speed and additional
wireless metrics.

Track SaaS Use in the Wild

Analyze SaaS performance trends
by application, location, user,
network connection and more.