Website Monitoring with Network Visibility

The network is crucial for your web application uptime. ThousandEyes helps you quickly determine whether your app, your network or another network is at fault.

Quickly Correlate Application and Network Performance

Go beyond standard website monitoring metrics such as availability and response time. Immediately understand how your web performance is affected by the network, with visibility into routing, end-to-end performance and path tracing. Know whether performance degradation is caused by DNS, network connections or web server errors.

A Smarter Approach to Page Load Time

Web pages are getting bulkier — composed of ads, scripts and media from remote networks. ThousandEyes is
a network-aware approach to accurately measure, benchmark and alert on page load times.
ThousandEyes Page Load Time Monitoring

Object-Level Data and Alerts

Alert on response time by object and domain, so you're notified only when your assets are slow. Or only when your vendor is responsible.

Full Path Visibility

Path visualization pinpoints where problems occur, whether at the endpoint, local network, wide area network, ISP or data center.

Playback Performance Anytime

Fast forward, rewind and replay an outage to understand exactly what went wrong and then save the event for later forensics.

Easy Web Transaction Monitoring

Web transactions capture performance data across pages and down engagement funnels. ThousandEyes makes it easy to record transactions, compare global performance data and schedule reporting for your team.

Open Source Scripting

Start collecting transaction data with an easy-to-use recorder using open-source Selenium scripts.

Global Monitoring Coverage

Track performance across countries, metro areas and networks with our global constellation of Cloud Agents.

Powerful Reporting Engine

Benchmark performance and compare across time with a fully customizable reporting interface.
ThousandEyes Website Monitoring