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New ThousandEyes Product Features and Release Highlights: August 2022

2:00 PM—3:00 PM AEST

Webinar Overview

Join us for a new webinar series in which we showcase some of the latest product features and announcements from the past quarter. We’ll also show you how you can start using them in your own ThousandEyes environment.

In each session, we’ll present updates on and use cases for our suite of vantage points (cloud, enterprise, and end user), Internet Insights™, and our core platform.

In this August 2022 edition, we’ll cover:

  • Automated Session Testing and the “Agent View” User Health Dashboard
  • Cisco® Webex Control Hub and ThousandEyes Integration
  • ThousandEyes WAN Insights
  • Cisco® Webex Cloud Agents
  • Terraform Provider for ThousandEyes
  • Flexible and Standardized Monitoring With Nextgen Webhooks

We’ll also demo these releases live so you can see the power of the ThousandEyes platform for yourself while learning to configure and use our newest features.

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Webinar Presenter Mike Hicks
Mike Hicks Principal Solutions Analyst ThousandEyes
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