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How the Internet Responded to a Pandemic—And What It Means for Your Business

Webinar Overview

Enterprises are increasingly relying on Internet and cloud provider networks to connect their business systems and deliver services to employees and customers. Understanding the health of these networks is critical for maintaining business continuity—particularly amidst work-from-home directives and greater reliance on SaaS and cloud services.

This webinar will share findings from a measurement-based study of the health of telecom, public cloud, CDN, and DNS provider networks between January and June of 2020. You'll learn:

  • How macro traffic shifts impacted network availability.
  • Which regions and locations experienced the most network disruptions.
  • Why not all outages are equal and how outages changed post-pandemic.
  • Which type of network operator—telecom or public cloud—demonstrated better availability.
  • How telecom and cloud provider network backbones performed in the wake of shelter-in-place announcements.

Based on these findings, we'll also share recommendations for planning and operating a more resilient IT environment.

Webinar recording coming soon.
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