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The Most Disruptive Internet Outages of 2020, Explained

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In the midst of a global pandemic, widespread shelter-in-place orders, and economic shutdowns, the Internet has become our most critical lifeline to staying connected and getting business done. Yet, the Internet is fraught with performance glitches and hidden dependencies that can take down critical services and applications at any moment.

While Internet outages can and do happen to even the most sophisticated enterprise, there is always a silver lining—a lesson to be learned.

Join the co-hosts from The Internet Report and ThousandEyes as we examine some of the most disruptive Internet outages of 2020. From BGP hijacks to a popular DNS service disruption and the infamous CenturyLink outage that crippled the Internet, we’ll go under the hood to understand what went wrong and discuss what you can do to prevail in the face of unexpected outages.

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Webinar Presenter Angelique Medina
Angelique Medina Director, Product Marketing ThousandEyes
Webinar Presenter Archana Kesavan
Archana Kesavan Director, Product Marketing ThousandEyes
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