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Sessions from HP Inc., Sutherland, and more are now available on demand.

About the Summit

Distributed work is here to stay. With it, there are new challenges and opportunities to take your workforce experience to new heights. At the Branch of One Summit, business and IT leaders shared how they are navigating the shift to hybrid work. Watch the on-demand sessions to hear their stories and to learn about new ThousandEyes innovations, built to help you deliver the best digital experiences possible across the collaboration and call center applications that your workers depend on.

Meet the Speakers

Mohit Lad

Cisco Networking Assurance

Co-founder & General Manager

Angelique Medina

Head of Internet Intelligence

Alex Cruz-Farmer

Principal Product Manager

Tarek Sabry

Global Lead, Automation and Monitoring
HP Inc.

Ted Sanfilippo

Associate Vice President Global Network Services

Joe Vaccaro

VP of Product

Jason Warfield

Head of Solution & Adoption Engineering

Michael Reid

Chief Revenue Officer

Vojtech Fiurasek

Head of Endpoint Devices Operations
Deutsche Börse

Tony Finn

Regional Director, EMEAR

Jens Uhle

Enterprise Architect, Unified Communications
Wacker Chemie

Gururaj Kannarpadi

General Manager, IP LAN Engineering & Delivery (IPED), Cloud and Connectivity Engineering_VOIS

Global Sessions

All Regions

Introduction & Welcome

ThousandEyes Co-founder and General Manager, Mohit Lad, provides a look back on what’s changed in the last two years, including the increased importance of understanding workforce digital experience and how the Internet has become more critical to enterprises than ever before.

Innovation Keynote

Get a firsthand look at two exciting innovations for monitoring the digital experience of a distributed workforce. In this session, we unveil unique capabilities designed to dramatically improve insight into collaboration and call center application experience. You’ll learn how these new capabilities enable rapid remediation of issues, more effective vendor management and improved workflows for frontline IT.

Spotlight Interview: HP Inc.

Even prior to the pandemic, Tarek Sabry, Global Lead, Automation and Monitoring at HP Inc., had begun to proactively monitor and report on his network. When the pandemic set in, his team needed to ensure that sales teams and call center workers could continue providing the same level of service, regardless of their location. This paved the way for a unique implementation of ThousandEyes within HP Inc.’s help desk operation, which promises to yield a reduced volume of manual tickets and a faster return to productivity for end users. Using the data provided by ThousandEyes Endpoint Agents, HP Inc.’s network operations, engineering and architecture teams are not only able to resolve issues more efficiently, but also they can be more proactive in assessing application performance for planning purposes.

Customer Story: Achieving a Strong End User Experience

Even before the pandemic hit, John Samuel, Director of Network, was using ThousandEyes to help map his journey into the cloud. And when the workforce was forced to work from home in 2020, his company went from 450 offices to 45,000 remote workers. John Samuel shifted his efforts to ensuring a strong end user experience using a mix of Endpoint Agents, Enterprise Agents and Cloud Agents to create operational metrics. Learn how John Samuel used ThousandEyes data to successfully manage his network, partners and employees during this unique time.

Tech Talk: ThousandEyes + Amazon Connect

Jason Douglas, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Connect at AWS discusses how ThousandEyes removes the guesswork from network troubleshooting, enabling enterprises to quickly identify connectivity and performance issues that their agents are facing. Watch this session to learn how ThousandEyes can be integrated with Amazon Connect for seamless troubleshooting.

Regional Sessions

Americas & Asia Pacific

Spotlight Interview: Sutherland

Ted Sanfilippo of Sutherland has a distinct challenge. It’s not just ensuring that the 40,000+ globally distributed call center workers he supports remain productive. It’s that these workers are distributed across a diverse roster of well-known client companies, each with their own profiles, requirements and applications. With agents scattered from Colombia to India and all points in between, it’s important that Ted’s team is able to monitor each client’s digital ecosystem, as well as interact effectively with its remote workers at all levels of technical ability and within their unique work environments. Downtime for any of Sutherland’s clients is not an option, so when things go awry, Sutherland depends on ThousandEyes Endpoint Agents to quickly assess and mitigate the issues, whether they stem from a regional ISP, a specific laptop or any other element.

Regional Sessions


Spotlight Interview: Deutsche Börse

Hear how Deutsche Börse are transforming their operating models to support an increasingly hybrid workforce and set the standard for financial services in Germany.

Spotlight Interview: Vodafone

Vodafone operates one of the world’s largest mobile networks, serving over 300 million customers in 21 countries around the world. Supporting those customers, plus those on its fixed, TV and partner networks, depends on a large customer service organization, which relies on Vodafone Intelligent Solutions to work effectively. Find out how Vodafone has leveraged ThousandEyes to help deliver an exceptional end user experience for its employees as they adjust to new ways of working.

Spotlight Interview: Wacker Chemie

As a pioneer of modern chemistry, Wacker Chemie is active in over 100 countries, producing a range of over 3,200 specialty chemical products, ranging from cosmetics to solar cells. Hear how Wacker Chemie adapted to the changing landscape of 2020 to support changing working patterns, with the help of ThousandEyes, and how they’re planning for this new enterprise reality going forward.

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