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ThousandEyes の歴史

ThousandEyes 2010 年に UCLA コンピュータサイエンス学部の同期だった Mohit Lad Ricardo Oliveira によって創設されました。ThousandEyes のトップは、ネットワーク、インターネットルーティング、そして SaaS の分野で豊富な経験を持っています。

"From the beginning, our goal has been to empower customers to see the Internet and Cloud like it’s their own environment, and it has always been important to us that the people behind the product are just as valuable to our customers as the product itself. We want our customers to feel like ThousandEyes employees are an extension of their team, and are obsessed with making them successful. That culture of our commitment to innovate and continue to support every customer with the same fervor will stay the same as it has from day one."

Mohit Lad

VP and General Manager, Cisco
Co-founder and CEO, ThousandEyes

"The enterprise data center that used to be the hub for application delivery is now just another segment in the application delivery chain. The Internet has become the new hub, connecting a myriad of different clients to an ever growing number of SaaS applications. Network monitoring technologies that worked in the 2000s now have a diminished role in this new paradigm. Current environments are much more complex, diverse and distributed, and require an entirely new monitoring approach. That's where ThousandEyes comes in."

Ricardo Oliveira

Product CTO, Cisco
Co-founder and CTO, ThousandEyes

企業とサービス プロバイダにクラウドとインターネットの詳細情報を提供

ワイド エリア ネットワークを全世界規模で可視化し、インターネットでパフォーマンスをくまなく測定

ネットワーク インフラ、コントロール プ プレーン、アプリケーション提供を詳細に視覚化して連結

クラウド ベース サービス、リモート ワーカー、そして世界中のユーザーのネットワーク接続を可視化

ThousandEyes のメンバー

ThousandEyes では、才能に溢れた多様なチームで画期的な製品を作り出しています。私達は、困難な IT の課題に対して、これまではバラバラだった情報の断片を繋ぎ合わせる直感的でパワフルな製品で立ち向かいます。

Great Place to Work

ThousandEyes is a certified Great Place to Work, with regional, national, and international recognition


Industry Recognition

Open Innovation Challenge
AlwaysOn Global 250
Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award
EMA Vendor to Watch
Networking Innovation Award
Gartner Cool Vendor
Best Data-Driven SaaS Product
The Editors Innovation Award
Cloud Excellence Award

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