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How Deutsche Börse Is Transforming Its Digital Future

By Kate Speights
| | 5 min read


As a leader in the German financial services sector, technology solutions are at the core of Deutsche Börse Group’s mission to provide an environment for safe and efficient financial transactions.

Deutsche Börse Group is an international exchange organization that operates in a highly regulated environment. It covers the entire financial market transaction process chain and develops IT solutions and systems to support these efforts all over the world. As such, technology innovation is a key tenet at Deutsche Börse.

Watch as Francois Leveling discusses how the company is addressing its digital transformation, and how ThousandEyes has played an important part in this effort. 

Follow Along With the Transcript

Question:  Please tell us about your role and responsibilities at Deutsche Börse. 

Answer: My name is Francois Leveling. I am a senior vice president, and I work for the corporate IT department within Deutsche Börse Group. We manage around 150 IT applications, which are used by multiple legal entities. These applications include, for example, all SAP applications. My team also takes care of Office 365 as well as end-user device management. 

Question: Deutsche Börse is clearly a key player in the German financial services industry. Can you explain how the group plays a role in leading the adoption of digital services?

Answer: Deutsche Börse Group is an international exchange organization and innovative market infrastructure provider. Deutsche Börse Group ensures that capital markets are transparent, reliable, and stable, with its wide range of project services and technology, the group organizes a safe and efficient market for a sustainable economy.

Our business area covers the entire financial market transaction process chain. As a technology company, the group develops state-of-the-art IT solutions and offers IT systems all over the world. Our purpose is to create trust in the market of today and tomorrow. Technology innovation is part of our DNA at Deutsche Börse. As a leading technology company in the financial sector, we are operating in a highly regulated environment across multiple jurisdictions and with a business model that covers the entire financial market transaction process chain.

Question: How has ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent given you additional visibility and enabled you to troubleshoot the remote worker experience? 

Answer: During the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 95% of working staff worked remotely. In my view, working from home was a challenge in terms of organization, but the company was well prepared in supplying the IT equipment and infrastructure to keep work running smoothly. ThousandEyes was used at that stage to identify user connectivity issues. Later, the tool was especially useful during denial-of-service attacks to find and resolve issues.

Question: As Deutsche Börse looks to take the lead in digital adoption while managing a remote workforce, what were some of the key challenges you faced and how did you benefit from ThousandEyes?

Answer: We have distributed agents in a permanent way across our locations worldwide. We also leave the possibility for colleagues who wish to have an agent installed for a temporary period to solve a particular issue. I have to say that we benefit from ThousandEyes as the tool can also look at non-company managed networks, like home networks. With different issues that came up, we add a clear understanding of the source of the issue. The solution is powerful when you combine information with different sources. The tool also allows us to find that some Wi-Fi repeaters were not properly placed and set up in the office.

Question: What is next for Deutsche Börse’s digital transformation? 

Answer: We are eager to pioneer digital transformation. Deutsche Börse Group is already addressing all relevant tech trends, reflecting different maturities and impacts per trend. By moving more and more business processes to the cloud, we'll be one of the first European companies to have our core financial system running in the cloud.

Want to hear the full Deutsche Börse story? Watch the video.

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