Website Performance Monitoring with Network Visibility

Quickly determine whether your app, your network or another network is at fault.

Web Performance Monitoring

Web pages are getting bulkier — composed of ads, scripts and media from many different applications and services. In order to ensure a great digital experience for your users, you need more than simplistic uptime monitoring for websites, you need to understand how the Internet and external services and applications are affecting the overall performance of your site. Traditional synthetic website monitoring tools don't provide insight into underlying network and Internet issues. If something goes wrong, you'll be challenged to determine the root cause.

ThousandEyes offers a network-aware web performance monitoring solution that enables you to accurately monitor, measure, benchmark and alert on HTTP server and page load times, as well as simulate user transactions with Selenium-based scripts. ThousandEyes correlates those views with deep network visibility including end-to-end performance metrics, patented Path Visualization across internal and external networks and BGP routing visualizations. In-depth DNS availability and integrity monitoring ensures that the first step in every digital experience is performing optimally. With the deep, multi-layer insight ThousandEyes provides, you can quickly determine whether your app, your network, the Internet or a third party is at fault.

ThousandEyes maintains Cloud-based agents in 190+ cities all over the globe that can be used to simulate distributed users for web monitoring. Using these agents to actively test your site, you can see the performance of the entire network path from your end users, through service providers, all the way to your data center or public cloud instance.

The network is crucial for your web application uptime, so you need to go beyond standard website performance monitoring tool metrics that don't provide network context. In order to truly understand your user's site experience, you need visibility into routing, end-to-end paths, performance and hop-by-hop metrics, as well as application layer data. ThousandEyes provides the cross-layer visibility needed to gain insight into performance and quickly troubleshoot issues.

Why ThousandEyes?

Object-Level Data and Alerts

Alert on response time by object and domain, so you're notified only when your assets are slow. Or only when your vendor is responsible.

Full Path Visibility

Path visualization pinpoints where problems occur, whether at the endpoint, local network, WAN, ISP, public cloud or data center.

Easy Web Transaction Monitoring

Web transactions capture performance data across pages and down engagement funnels. ThousandEyes makes it easy to record transactions, compare global performance data and schedule reporting for your team.