Gain Visibility into Cloud-Based Services with IaaS Monitoring

Get a clear understanding of app performance and network connectivity
as your organization moves to AWS, Azure, Google and hosted environments.

IaaS Monitoring

Migrating applications and building new services in infrastructure as a service (IaaS) clouds creates a host of new network and service dependencies, on which your app delivery and user experience rely. These dependencies include the inter-connectivity between different service offerings within an IaaS cloud. Visibility into this complex mesh of dependencies is critical. Unfortunately, traditional monitoring approaches don't work, because you can't collect monitoring data from network infrastructure you don't own or control.

ThousandEyes provides visibility into both app and network-layer performance, and gives you actionable insight into how issues in your network, across the Internet and within cloud providers are impacting your business.

ThousandEyes Agents deploy in IaaS instances and private data centers to run active monitoring tests that collect HTTP, page load, transaction, network path and metrics data. The ThousandEyes app combines this data with collective intelligence from other Internet-centric organizations to produce rich visualization that help you understand performance bottlenecks, provider issues, and network impacts.

Why ThousandEyes?

See Into Cloud Data Centers

Map and monitor your connectivity—even direct interconnections—to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or any IaaS data center.

View the Impact of Remote Proxies

Plan out placement and connections of remote proxies from data centers, offices and users across your network.

Monitor Services Wherever They Are

Measure availability, response times and network metrics for external APIs or portions of your apps that have moved to the cloud.