The ThousandEyes Difference

Visibility for Hybrid Digital Ecosystems

Keep Up with Your Evolving IT Environment

Unlike traditional monitoring tools that focus on a particular aspect of IT, such as network or application—or only provide insight into internal environments—ThousandEyes takes a holistic approach to monitoring that is multi-layered and cross-domain, so you can gain a complete view of digital experience, across every dependency, from the enterprise WAN, to the Internet and the cloud. ThousandEyes visibility crosses network and application layers and works whether these services are internal or external to the enterprise.
ThousandEyes NPM APM
Doesn't require "ownership" of App code,
servers or networks
Correlates user experience
to Internet dependencies
Single pane, multi-layer correlated visibility
Isolate issues across app, server, and network domains (e.g. SaaS app vs. cloud proxy vs. ISP)
Assess ISP and cloud security vendors prior
to SD-WAN roll out
BGP hijack and route leak detection
DNS availability, response and
integrity monitoring
Collective Internet intelligence and
outage detection
End User experience monitoring
Easy sharing of interactive, multi-layer visibility
Global vantage points in diverse Internet
locations and top cloud providers
Passive network data (PCAP, flow)
Application code injection