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The Internet Is Your New Enterprise WAN

 Whether delivering a digital service to customers or connecting your employees to SaaS applications, more of the networks you rely on for effective service delivery are now outside your four walls. Visibility into the Internet and cloud service networks is now critical to ensuring the continuity of your business.

ThousandEyes offers the most correlated visibility across network, application, routing and device layers, giving you unprecedented insight into how the performance of Internet and WAN connectivity impacts user experience.

  • Network path visualization—L3 hop-by-hop
  • End-to-end and per-hop network performance and metrics, including packet loss, latency and jitter
  • BGP route visualization
  • DNS availability, integrity and performance
  • Cloud Agent vantage points across hundreds of cities around the globe

  • Network path visualization—L3 hop-by-hop
  • End-to-end and per-hop network performance and metrics, including QoS re-markings
  • SD-WAN overlay and underlay visibility
  • Network device metrics from your infrastructure
  • Auto-discovery of your network topology
  • Enterprise Agents deploy on a variety of platforms and devices

Opportunities, Challenges, and Solutions in the SD-WAN Era

Enterprises must address network visibility and application performance equally to ensure that SD-WAN delivers on expectations, requiring a modern approach to monitoring.

Path Visualization

ThousandEyes delivers the gold standard in network path visualization, automatically generated unified, interactive, multipoint and topologically correlated view of all network paths between selected agents and the target URL or IP. Path visualization packs in 16 different categories of data and metrics, including rDNS, BGP ASN, geolocation, end-to-end metrics, hop-by-hop metrics, and more. When outages are detected, you can also jump directly to Internet Insights™ views. Path visualization handles many different scenarios such as MPLS WANs, Internet paths and multi-layer network topologies for SD-WAN and cloud-based security, with tunnel overlay and network infrastructure underlay connectivity.


End-to-End Network Performance

Network issues can doom user transactions, page loads and service availability and performance. Select any combination of Cloud and Enterprise Agents and a target URL or IP address and we send lightweight bursts of TCP or ICMP traffic from agents to the target to measure loss, latency and jitter. When you have agents on both ends, you can run network tests between them that leverage UDP.

Industry Report

ZK Research: The Top 5 Business Transformation Trends Driving Network Transformation

Agility is necessary in today's uncertain world, prompting companies to adopt working from home, enhanced cyber security, cloud computing, and other practices expanded on in this report.

BGP Visualization

ThousandEyes ingests BGP routing data from dozens of global BGP collectors and automatically integrates that visibility as a configurable layer under service, network and path visualization layers. When a service URL is specified as a test, layered BGP tests automatically track reachability and path changes for any relevant prefix. When an IP address is used as the target for a test, the relevant Internet routed prefix is monitored. You can also create specific BGP monitoring for a prefix and alert on hijacks and leaks.


Web Server Availability and Response Time

A variety of protocol-specific tests (HTTP, SIP, RTP) can be run in parallel with web transactions, or standalone, alongside network layer visibility.

DNS Performance and Integrity

DNS tests monitor the availability and response time of DNS servers, as well as the integrity of DNS responses. 

  • Run recursive and iterative queries to DNS servers and get alerted to performance and security issues
  • Trace DNS domain resolution across every zone in DNS delegation
  • Validate and monitor DNSSEC

Best Practices for Assuring SD-WAN Performance

Organizations are migrating to SD-WAN to increase business agility and reduce costs, which is not easy nor surefire without the right level of visibility into overlay and underlay performance.


Network Device Metrics

ThousandEyes agents deployed within your own environment can poll network devices like switches, routers and firewalls via SNMP to collect link states, throughput, errors, discards by interface, as well as other metrics. You can then track, report and alert on the performance of a device, subnet or your entire network, and compare trends across time and locations to detect bottlenecks. Device health data is tightly correlated with network performance visibility so you can quickly pinpoint root cause down to the interface level. Supported MIBs include those from vendors such as Cisco, HPE and others.

Auto-Discovery of Network Topology

Using LLDP/CDP and SNMP device polling, ThousandEyes auto-discovers your network infrastructure, collects diagnostic information and maps out your devices, remote and local, in a single topology to help you quickly locate failure points. This Path Visualization of your corporate network can be customized to match your own knowledge of the network.


Easily See Across Layers with ThousandEyes

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