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Internet Outages Timeline

Also need info on past outages? For a look at some of the notable incidents from the last year (and lessons learned), see the Internet Outages Timeline.

The Internet Outages Timeline. Plotted along this vertical timeline are several outages that occurred in the last year.

Global Internet Health Trends

ThousandEyes Internet experts analyze the current state of global Internet health, noteworthy outages and more. The following charts show recent trends for global network connectivity as well as ISP, public cloud and collaboration app network performance.

Network Outage Events - Global
Network Outage Events - Global vs US
ISP Outages - Global
ISP Outages - Global vs US
Public Cloud Network Outages - Global
Public Cloud Network Outages - Global vs US
Collaboration App Network Outages - Global
Collaboration App Network Outages - Global vs US

The Internet Outage Survival Kit

As the Internet becomes the new enterprise network, understanding how outages occur and resolving them has never been more crucial to ensuring business continuity. This kit includes some of our most popular Internet outage resources to help you prepare your team against unexpected outages.


The Internet Report

This is The Internet Report, where we uncover what's working and what's breaking on the Internet—and why. ThousandEyes brings together experts and leaders in Internet and application delivery to discuss topics related to the health and state of the Internet. Watch the latest episode here.

Research & eBooks

Internet and Outage Education


Internet Performance Report: COVID-19 Impact Edition

A measurement-based study of Internet health, examining the various network infrastructures critical to modern content delivery, namely those belonging to ISPs, as well as cloud, CDN and DNS providers.

Internet Fundamentals: Underlying Network Infrastructures Explained

In many ways, the Internet has become the new enterprise backbone. In this eBook, we will explain the various protocols and services that work together to create an Internet that is efficient and resilient for all.
Webinars & Blog Posts

In-Depth Internet Outage Analyses

When major Internet outage events occur, ThousandEyes Internet experts create in-depth outage analyses to help you understand exactly what's happened in each case. From identifying the root cause to assessing the scope of an impact, the following resources will help you better understand the various ways the Internet—a best-effort network—can go sideways.

Watch the Latest Outage Coverage
Read The Latest Outage Analyses

Learn About the Technology Powering the Global Internet Outage Map

ThousandEyes Internet Insights™ is a platform that leverages aggregated Internet telemetry data to enable operations teams to rapidly identify, escalate and remediate outage-related issues.

The Power of Internet-Scale Visibility and Control

Gain a global view of network outages across ISP, public cloud and edge service networks.

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