Monitor CDN Performance

Measure CDN performance between users, edge and origin.

How do you monitor CDNs?

CDN solutions are a crucial part of getting applications and media to users around the world more quickly and securely. They are in many ways an extension of your infrastructure, yet you don't have the same level of insight into your CDN provider as you have into your own environment. Traditional CDN monitoring tools cannot provide the visibility needed to sort through complex CDN performance issues.

Using CDN performance tests, ThousandEyes provides deep insights into CDN content delivery, including geographic CDN load balancing, latency and availability. We monitor the performance of your application, origin and CDN edge, so you can quickly pinpoint and diagnose issues.

Now you can gain insight into how CDNs will affect application delivery and perform CDN comparisons across regions and over time with page load, transaction and HTTP tests that include rich network measurements, Layer 3 Path Visualization and BGP route visualizations.

ThousandEyes simulates page views and network connections to reveal detailed object-level timings, network paths and CDN edge performance, which can then be easily shared with your CDN provider to resolve performance problems.

ThousandEyes enables you to measure CDN performance with key insights:
  • Monitor CDN edge locations, page objects, and compare response time and latency.
  • Measure transaction and page load times, fetch time, latency, loss and more to determine how performance varies.
  • Locate edge servers and identify cache hits, misses or corruption with HTTP headers.

Why ThousandEyes?

Measure Timings by Object

Test CDN performance by comparing objects that are CDN-hosted to those that are not. Or compare before and after you enable your CDN.

Alert by CDN and Region

Customize dozens of alert thresholds by page object, CDN network and specific geographic regions.

Customize CDN Reports

Quickly graph reports on page load and network performance, schedule the cadence and send to your team.