Digital Experience Monitoring

It's Not About the Infrastructure.
It's About the Experience.

What is Digital Experience Monitoring?

Digital experience is the IT outcome that matters most. But digital experience increasingly depends on a host of external services—Cloud, SaaS and the Internet—that you don't own or directly control. While you might not own all the underlying infrastructure, you still own user experience.

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) has emerged as a new Gartner IT category to address user experience—human or machine—across every dependency, whether network or service, inside or outside your company. DEM upends traditional siloed monitoring tools designed for internal IT environments, such as network performance management (NPM) and application performance monitoring (APM), by looking at the entire digital journey and how every part of it drives successful user actions. By focusing on visibility into digital experience as a whole, DEM helps bridge IT initiatives to business outcomes, such as revenue and customer satisfaction.

DEM solutions leverage a variety of technologies, including synthetic transaction monitoring (STM), network visibility, endpoint and real user monitoring (RUM) to deliver a real-time 360° view of user experience. Together, these technologies enable you to deliver on the promise of a dramatically transformed IT landscape.

Your World has Completely Changed

The cloud is your new data center, the Internet is your new network, and SaaS is your new application stack. This has led to complex hybrid deployments that enterprise IT operations is struggling to align to the needs of the business. For you to thrive and become an essential strategic stakeholder for your organization, you need to see and understand how your entire digital supply chain, from CDN to back-end APIs, is delivering for your customers and employees.
Evolution of Digital Experience Monitoring

Unlock the True Potential of the Cloud

ThousandEyes DEM delivers unprecedented visibility into digital experience—whether you're offering a digital service, such as ecommerce, or relying on cloud-based enterprise applications to run your business. Our platform combines network and app synthetic monitoring, end user experience monitoring (EUEM), BGP route feeds, and Internet and cloud outage detection, enabling you to emulate user behavior and track customer journeys from an unprecedented scope of global vantage points. By tracking performance data (such as response time and transaction time) and quickly getting to root cause on downtime and performance issues across Internet, cloud and web application, IT teams can implement more effective planning and optimization of the operational experience, resulting in improved user experience.

From DEM to Digital Transformation Leadership

Directly tying digital initiatives to business outcomes through a DEM strategy is just the first step in transforming IT from stewards of infrastructure to strategic partners in driving growth. When IT has a monitoring strategy that is strongly aligned with key business outcomes, enterprises can become digital business transformation leaders—improving customer experience, driving partnerships across NetOps, SRE, DevOps, and app support teams, and setting a high benchmark for their competition to meet. With an experience monitoring solution, IT leaders can unlock new digital opportunities, whether Internet of Things (IoT) deployments or ecommerce expansions.