Visibility for Your Hybrid WAN and SD-WAN

Gain visibility into how your modern or traditional WAN
delivers internal and SaaS applications.

Hybrid WAN Monitoring

Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud-based services, such as SaaS applications, which in turn increases reliance on the Internet to deliver WAN traffic. Use of traditional MPLS services makes sub-optimal use of costly backhaul WAN bandwidth given that many critical applications and services are no longer internal. As a result, enterprises are migrating to hybrid WAN architectures that combine direct Internet access (DIA), IP VPN tunnels and traditional MPLS circuits. SD-WAN technologies leveraging controllers and orchestration software are often a part of hybrid WAN modernization initiatives, as they enable automated bandwidth management between DIA, backhaul tunnels and MPLS links. Regardless of whether your WAN is traditional, hybrid or software-defined, you need a modern approach to WAN management. Unfortunately, traditional WAN monitoring tools can't offer the depth of visibility needed when relying on the Internet for transport.

ThousandEyes enables you to understand WAN performance including Internet transit and how it affects application delivery, so you can optimize your network architecture and quickly solve business-impacting issues. ThousandEyes gives all this visibility in one correlated view, so you don't have to jump between siloed WAN monitoring tools.

Using Enterprise Agents deployed in your data centers and branch offices, ThousandEyes provides deep visibility into the performance of critical applications, both within and outside your enterprise network. Enterprise Agents proactively test applications to reveal hop-by-hop network path, server connectivity, page load metrics, as well as simulate user transactions. This visibility enables you to determine if the application or the network is the source of an issue—and to identify which provider is responsible, so you can reduce mean time to troubleshoot (MTTT) and ensure a high-quality user experience.

Why ThousandEyes?

Gain Visibility Across Your Hybrid WAN

Map your entire enterprise topology and gain transparency into application performance over MPLS WAN and the Internet.

Optimize Your Network Architecture

Optimize your WAN and performance of VPN or MPLS circuits in your ISPs.

Monitor Your Cloud Security

Monitor your cloud-based security solutions, such as Zscaler to ensure they perform as expected and do not negatively impact user experience.