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Get Microsoft Azure Network Visibility Across Your Deployments

You no longer have to view Microsoft Azure as a visibility "black box." With ThousandEyes, you can gain actionable insights into public cloud environments, including Microsoft Azure and AWS, allowing you to overcome the complex operational challenges of cloud deployment, accelerate multi-cloud cloud or hybrid-cloud adoption, and deliver superior digital experiences. 

Use ThousandEyes for Azure cloud monitoring to visualize your application delivery paths between on-premises components and services migrated to an Azure environment. By monitoring Azure environments with ThousandEyes, you gain loss, latency, and jitter metrics that help you understand application- and network-layer performance delivery on a cloud-to-cloud, Internet-to-cloud, and inter-region basis. Plus, our Azure monitoring provides companies and organizations with a quick and comprehensive view of every service delivery path in multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud environments, from Azure infrastructure to SaaS app service environments. 

Combine OpenTelemetry-compliant ThousandEyes data with application performance monitoring (APM) to assist your teams in identifying where the root cause of an application delivery issue lies and whether it's with DevOps or NetOps. Make real-time collaboration easier with ThousandEyes ShareLinks and streamline and standardize application monitoring with our Terraform plugin. Then, bid farewell to Azure monitoring tools that only work for specific cloud architectures and create unnecessary finger-pointing, and say hello to better root cause identification and more efficient troubleshooting.

Get Microsoft Azure Network Visibility

How Microsoft Delivers a Reliable and Performant Network for Azure Workloads

ThousandEyes Azure service monitoring lets you monitor end-to-end latency and visualize application delivery paths between on-premises components and services migrated into Azure. Watch this webinar, to learn how Microsoft Azure, a leader in the cloud services market delivers an always available, reliable and performant network to its customers.


Top Findings from the Cloud Performance Report: 2022 Edition

See the top findings from the Cloud Performance Report, which examines and compares the network performance and connectivity architectures of the top three public cloud providers: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

See Cloud Performance Report to compare the network performance of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

Why ThousandEyes?

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Address your migration to the public cloud with Cloud Agents in all Microsoft Azure regions and gain instant insights into your cloud network and application delivery.

Deliver Superior Digital Experiences

Uncover hidden dependencies and gain visual intelligence on external services, such as API gateways, from your cloud infrastructures to optimize user experiences.

Streamline IT Operations

Share dashboards, metrics and visualizations with internal and external stakeholders to collaborate, prove innocence and troubleshoot end-user problems faster.

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