Monitor BGP Routes to and from Your Network

Ensure Internet Routing Issues Don't Affect Digital Experience

BGP Monitoring — Route Monitoring

The Internet includes tens of thousands of autonomously operated networks (Autonomous Systems). Human error and malicious exploits on Internet routing can cause chronic interruptions and sudden outages that impact application access and service delivery. Internet routing signals are also commonly used to trigger on demand DDoS mitigation services when under attack. Monitoring of the Border Gateway Protocol or BGP, the routing protocol that stitches the Internet together as BGP routes, is important to ensuring a highly available network service and optimal digital experience for users.

ThousandEyes monitors BGP network routes as well as BGP path selection from both corporate and service provider networks, enabling you to track BGP changes and understand reachability and performance between your BGP AS number (Autonomous System) and those of your customers and application providers for faster BGP troubleshooting. BGP route monitoring and visualization of routing data from major Internet exchanges and your own corporate network make it easy to see peering changes, route flapping, leaks, hijacks and triggered DDoS mitigation.

A private BGP routing monitor can also be used to discover routes from your enterprise network to prefixes that you originate or external applications and services. IP addresses and URLs are automatically matched to all associated prefixes, simplifying analysis.

With ThousandEyes, you can:
  • Perform route monitoring using key BGP networking protocol metric types such as reachability and path changes.
  • Diagnose route flaps, policy misconfigurations and peering issues that occur in your network or in one of your upstream providers.
  • Detect route hijacks and see routing changes associated with DDoS mitigation.
  • Correlate routing data with application delivery, traffic and underlying network BGP paths, including hop-by-hop metrics such as packet loss and latency.

Why ThousandEyes?

See Routes Into Your Network

We collect and provide data from dozens of BGP monitors around the globe, providing outside-in visibility to prefixes that you originate.

Be Alerted to BGP Routing Changes

Set up a powerful system of alerts to proactively notify you of a change in prefix reachability or AS paths. Put routing in context with HTTP response, page load and app-specific path visualization data.

Detect BGP Hijacks

Detect changes to routes or prefixes that you originate, as well as alert on sub-prefixes and next hop AS.