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The Internet, Your New Enterprise Backbone

The digital experiences you provide to customers and employees are affected by a large number of third-party providers and dependencies spread across the Internet, including cloud and SaaS providers, ISP infrastructure, data centers, and even the APIs that power your services. Business continuity is now contingent on your organization's ability to proactively monitor your now distributed networks and modular, cloud-first applications.

But instead of focusing on how their modern enterprise networks can drive business growth, too many business leaders and IT professionals are stuck managing bottlenecks and slowdowns with legacy monitoring tools. Though these tools can help maintain uptime, they fall short of ensuring that IT processes run smoothly. This is because baselining, benchmarking and optimization are cumbersome–even for the best IT teams–without synthetic monitoring.

ThousandEyes Network and Application Synthetics offers end-to-end visibility across your entire digital ecosystem, from your WAN to every application and user that matters in today’s connected world. Not simply limited by real-user monitoring, synthetic testing offers continuous and real-time connectivity, latency, and page load metrics to help you ensure service level agreements (SLAs) are met.

Visualize Performance Across Service Networks

Cisco ThousandEyes represents the gold standard in network path visualization: a time-correlated, unified view of all paths between any two points on your global network. With visibility across network, application, routing, and device layers, your organization can quickly identify where in the IT stack a problem or performance issue is occurring that may be impacting end user experience. Our monitoring solution provides easy-to-read dashboards and notifications that help IT teams quickly identify the cause of slow response times on web applications.

Deliver Exceptional Application Experience

With visibility into page load waterfalls, end-to-end performance, and path tracing—not to mention Internet routing—IT teams can accurately identify the root cause of issues so they can remediate them to optimize application performance. See how each network your organization depends on affects different aspects of app performance, from business transactions to user experience. And paired with an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution, which is useful for monitoring owned app functionality, ThousandEyes can provide your team with a key solution for your observability strategy.


Transforming the Digital Supply Chain: Internet Performance Meets Business Outcomes

This eBook outlines how visibility can help you choose the best providers for your digital supply chain.

Streamline Stakeholder Collaboration

When services experience outages, the costs to your business can be astronomical. Working efficiently and effectively with both internal stakeholders and service providers to restore services quickly is crucial. ThousandEyes Sharelinks, our shareable interactive snapshots of digital events, create a "common language" for troubleshooting based on objective data-driven analysis that quickly gets all stakeholders on the same page. Sharelinks help decrease the costs of outages by allowing you to swiftly identify and align on the cause of a problem and work immediately towards the correct resolution without finger-pointing, time-consuming escalations, or excessive meetings.

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Network and Application Synthetics

Whether delivering a digital service to customers or connecting your employees to SaaS applications, more of the networks you rely on for effective service delivery are outside your traditional perimeter. End-to-end visibility across external networks, applications, services, and endpoints is now critical to ensure your business’s continuity. ThousandEyes combines active and passive monitoring techniques to gather telemetry across the digital delivery chain that enterprises don’t control.

Take a step toward greater visibility from your branch offices to every application that matters.

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