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Enterprise Digital Experience

Deliver Uncompromised Digital Experience from Application to WAN to Remote Workspace

Complex Digital Transformations Need a Simple and Unified IT Ops Approach

Digital transformation projects, despite their many shapes and forms, are geared towards a primary business outcome: delivering exceptional user experience to customers, employees, and partners. Remotely-connected workplaces, SD-WAN architectures, and SaaS adoption challenge your IT teams responsible for delivering digital experiences because of the increased external dependencies in the new enterprise ecosystem that you don’t own or control.

ThousandEyes Digital Experience Monitoring provides a platform to see and understand underlying dependencies along the digital supply chain that impact end user experiences. With ThousandEyes’ proactive and granular insights, you’re armed with the intelligence to resolve complex digital delivery challenges and break organizational silos through a common language that brings together infrastructure, service, and operations teams to focus on the outcome that matters the most—digital experience for your users.

Remote Workforce

Remote Workforce

Remote-first is no longer a temporary solution to a pandemic, but a long-term strategic IT initiative that enterprises globally are investing in. However, building a digitally connected workplace with zero compromises to employee productivity is no easy task. Productivity hinges on the availability and usability of business-critical applications and collaboration tools. Whether workers are inside the corporate perimeter or connecting from remote locations, they need seamless and reliable performance to be their most productive. IT teams responsible for delivering this exceptional employee digital experience need comprehensive visibility from the remote user, including WiFi and LAN performance to broadband ISP performance and outages, all the way to the performance of SaaS and on-prem applications.


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SaaS Applications

While SaaS-based productivity and collaboration tools have been game-changing, it has been a cause for concern for enterprise IT teams responsible for ensuring consistent performance of business-critical SaaS applications. Understanding why SaaS performance degrades or troubleshooting the root cause for outages is challenging, and IT teams are left to fend for themselves with minimal to no assistance from their SaaS providers. Traditional NPM or APM monitoring techniques that IT is familiar with flatline with SaaS, as they don’t own the infrastructure or the app stack to instrument code changes. Overcoming SaaS-blindness requires a new approach to monitoring and a deep understanding of how SaaS applications are delivered over the Internet.

SaaS Applications
Internal Applications

Internal Applications

Homegrown monolithic applications atomizing to service-oriented architectures and migrating to cloud infrastructures create a visibility gap for SRE and DevOps teams that traditional application and cloud-specific monitoring need to bridge. To get a complete and comprehensive view of service performance, combine APM and cloud monitoring with insights from ThousandEyes. Discover how your underlying network and Internet infrastructure affect application performance. Combine real-user monitoring with synthetic proactive transactions to detect and resolve performance bottlenecks pre-production. And utilize standardized environment configurations from providers such as Terraform to manage alerts effectively with automated workflows that resolve performance issues before they impact your users.

Enterprise WAN

Enterprise connectivity in the modern WAN is expansive and critical now more than ever. While many enterprises today rely on traditional WAN with MPLS circuits between the branch office and data center, many others have been shifting to SD-WAN technology that combines direct Internet access (DIA), IP VPN tunnels and secure cloud-based web gateways. Regardless of whether your WAN is a traditional, hybrid or SD-WAN deployment, you need to understand WAN performance, including Internet transit networking and how it affects application delivery—so you can quickly benefit from optimizing your network architecture and solve business-impacting issues. ThousandEyes runs natively on Cisco Catalyst 9300 and 9400 series switches so you can gain immediate insight into the digital experience of campus users connecting to any application over any network.

Enterprise WAN

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Cisco ThousandEyes for Enterprise Networks

The results are clear. Cisco® ThousandEyes® makes a difference to both the top and bottom line. Read the study to see how customers experienced meaningful ROI, faster MTTI, and improved productivity.

Internet Health

Internet Health

Modern enterprises rely on a host of Internet-dependent, business-critical services, such as cloud service providers, ISPs, CDNs, as well as SaaS, UCaaS, VPNs and SECaaS providers. Each of these services operate over the Internet, making them susceptible to performance fluctuations caused by Internet outages or routing issues. Any business that relies on Internet-connected services or applications will want to understand the state of Internet health to keep on top of issues that might impact them, their employees or their customers.

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Why ThousandEyes?

One Common Operating Language

ThousandEyes combines network infrastructure and application and Internet performance into a single platform, providing a common operating language and breaking down organizational silos between IT Ops, SaaS owners, SREs and digital delivery teams.

Global Vantage Points

Gain comprehensive and proactive visibility from wherever your users or critical services are. Use Endpoint Agents for remote users, VPNs and SaaS; use Enterprise Agents for flexible form factors; use Cloud Agents and Internet Insights™ for broader Internet health.

Complete Visibility

ThousandEyes gives you visibility into the cloud and across the Internet. Path visualization and BGP visibility pinpoint where problems occur, whether at the endpoint, local network, WAN, ISP, public cloud, data center or in Internet routing.

Deliver on the Promise of Cloud and Digital Transformation

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