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End-to-end Visibility Into Cisco Webex Meetings Connectivity That Impacts User Experience in Real-time

In today’s hybrid workforce environment, collaboration applications incorporating video conferencing and VoIP calling functionality are critical in promoting productivity—and their importance continues to grow as working habits continue to shift to a more distributed model. Today, employees can be located anywhere, and the Internet has become the connective tissue that can introduce performance issues between users and applications. As a result, IT needs to be able to monitor Webex environments and devices.

ThousandEyes Webex Agents for Extended, Bi-Directional Visibility

Cisco® ThousandEyes and Webex® are joining forces to combine bi-directional visibility and network monitoring into the Webex environment. ThousandEyes vantage points integrated into Webex data centers and with the Webex Control Hub give IT teams end-to-end visibility between user locations and Webex conferencing services, enabling rapid issue identification and troubleshooting to provide exceptional Webex user experiences.

Cisco ThousandEyes and Webex® are joining forces to combine bi-directional visibility and network Webex monitoring

See SaaS Connectivity and Application Performance From Front to Back

  • Visualize forward and reverse network paths to isolate problem areas
  • Monitor performance and remediate issues proactively before significant events like investor calls or webinars
  • Simulate end-user experiences proactively using Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) Stream tests with Cloud and Enterprise Agents
  • Track key experience metrics like Mean Opinion Scores (MOS), latency, loss, Packet Delay Variation (PDV), discards, and more

ThousandEyes on Cisco RoomOS Devices

ThousandEyes Endpoint is embedded in Cisco RoomOS device firmware and can be activated via Webex Control Hub–offering unprecedented visibility into each device’s network path and empowering IT teams to proactively troubleshoot collaboration issues.

Gain Collaboration Insights at Scale

  • Analyze key performance metrics like loss, latency, and jitter to reveal network bottlenecks.
  • Monitor the health, connectivity status, and network performance for each Cisco RoomOS device directly in the Control Hub dashboard.
  • Use ThousandEyes’ dynamic tests, scheduled tests, and instant tests to streamline network testing.

Monitoring Collaboration App Environments

As you read this eBook, you'll learn about some common challenges faced by IT teams that monitor collaboration apps, why legacy approaches to monitoring can mask problems, and how timeliness is critical when solving issues with collaboration apps.

Learn about common challenges facing IT teams using legacy approaches to monitoring collaboration apps that can mask problems
ThousandEyes Integrations for Webex by Cisco
ThousandEyes provides a comprehensive Webex monitoring solution that allows you to identify improvement areas and reduce issue resolution time with deep visibility into Webex connections. The following tutorials show you how.
ThousandEyes Cloud Agents for Webex Bi-directional Visibility
This tutorial focuses on ThousandEyes Cloud Agents for Webex and Webex Calling. You can use these agents to test the network performance and connectivity between your sites and the Webex infrastructure in both directions.
Bi-directional Visibility
ThousandEyes Integrations for Webex Control Hub
In this tutorial, you’ll see how the ThousandEyes and Webex Control Hub integration provides comprehensive network metrics and path visualizations alongside Webex meeting statistics.
Webex Control Hub
ThousandEyes Endpoint Agents for Cisco RoomOS Devices
This tutorial demonstrates how ThousandEyes Endpoint Agents’ dynamic tests on Cisco RoomOS devices can map out and monitor every connection to critical collaboration applications, such as Webex and Microsoft Teams.
Cisco RoomOS
Solution Brief

Webex Monitoring

ThousandEyes Webex Agents enables greater visibility into the entire network path so that IT can resolve user-impacting issues quickly, identify root causes, and take proactive measures to improve performance before users are impacted.

ThousandEyes Webex Agents enables visibility into the entire network path so IT can resolve user-impacting issues quickly

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Why ThousandEyes?

Identify RCA Quickly and Accurately

Rapidly identify and isolate fault domains of Webex issues, including the application, network or end-user environments of your distributed workforce

Test Ahead of Major Broadcast Events

Proactively verify the performance of the end-to-end Webex environment before broadcast events, such as town halls and board meetings

Deliver Exceptional Collaboration Experiences

Use as part of your everyday IT operations to provide exceptional collaboration experiences for your hybrid workforce

Deliver Hybrid Work With ThousandEyes Visibility for Webex

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