Monitoring DDoS Mitigation Services

Gain visibility into DDoS attacks handled by DDoS mitigation services.

DDoS Monitoring

DDoS attacks can severely cripple critical applications and bring business operations down. They put large strains on your network and the upstream networks that you rely on. Whether you're using a cloud-based Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation service or an on-site mitigation strategy, external visibility is essential to understanding and ensuring user experience by catching potential threats.

ThousandEyes gives you an external perspective into your application's performance to monitor DDoS attacks in progress. We visualize the impact of an ongoing DDoS attack, show the effectiveness of your DDoS mitigation strategies and record performance data for real-time sharing and detailed forensics.

ThousandEyes makes it easy to understand the digital experience impact of DDoS protection solution performance (DDoS detection and mitigation) while attacks are happening.

With ThousandEyes, you can see how to track a DDoS attack:
  • Quickly locate packet loss, high latency links and overloaded scrubbing centers that impact your application performance.
  • Clearly track the impact of DDoS attacks on your network infrastructure to see what is being stressed: DNS, ISP networks, edge routers or an overloaded application server.
  • Identify underperforming elements within your cloud mitigation provider such as overloaded scrubbing centers or misrouted traffic.
  • View dashboards and visualizations to easily correlate this information against baseline traffic behavior, compare time periods and save data for later forensics.

Monitoring a Large-Scale DDoS Mitigation Network

Businesses trust Neustar to keep its service online, to keep their service online and to give them the best performance possible.
Neustar trusts ThousandEyes to help keep this promise by monitoring its DDoS mitigation network to ensure reliability and effectiveness.
Matthew Wilson
Director, Network Engineering

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Why ThousandEyes?

Track Performance of Your DDoS Mitigation Service

Verify the traffic handoff to your mitigation service with visibility into DNS and BGP.

Monitoring DDoS Attacks

By tracking DDoS attacks, get deep insight into whether the mitigation techniques being used are an effective DDoS defense.

Speed Up Resolution

Collaborate with external ISPs and mitigation providers in real-time to resolve any security issues.