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Your Apps Have Evolved. Your API Monitoring Should, Too.

As applications have grown to encompass ever more functionality, versatility, and connection, they’ve moved from monolithic to more modular, service-based architectures. This more distributed nature of new applications means they often rely on several external third-party services, backend integrations, and cloud APIs spread across the Internet and largely outside the control of the business that owns the application.

Most applications today, even for something as small as placing an item in your cart, rely on a vast underlying ecosystem of web services and platforms distributed across the Internet to do their job—typically via a REST API. ITOps and DevOps teams, to deliver a reliable and high-performance digital experience, should be enabled with the capability to measure and test critical workflows and backend interactions to external API endpoints. And to do that, you need an API monitoring tool that can deliver clear metrics on API performance beyond just uptime, downtime, and latency.

Using API Monitoring To Assure Modern Application Experience

Watch this demo to learn how the ThousandEyes API test type offers SRE, DevOps, and NetOps teams an intuitive and scalable workflow to easily monitor complex APIs, including detailed visibility into the performance of each API step.

Adaptive API Visibility for Your Modern Applications

ThousandEyes provides ITOps, SRE’s and DevOps teams the API visibility they need to address performance thresholds and reachability issues for API calls across every composite application service and multi-service interaction. With our advanced API testing, you can perform comprehensive API monitoring and baselining, including on third-party APIs. Connecting the user experience state with the backend application systems, this capability provides an integrated view of both application functionality and network performance which is essential for gaining a complete understanding of the service delivery chain across any network.

Visibility Across the Internet and External Networks as if You Owned Them

  • Utilize hop-by-hop path visualizations to uncover issues along API service delivery paths, offering critical insights for efficient troubleshooting and system optimization.
  • Visibility into distributed services dependencies, including where they are being served from and by whom, how they impact overall service delivery, and how they are affected by external conditions like outages
  • Cloud vantage points from 200+ cities around the globe provide instant insight into the app experience
Hop-by-hop visibility across the Internet
Insight From the End User’s Perspective Across Complex API Workflows

Insight From the End User’s Perspective Across Complex API Workflows

  • API Monitoring provides multi-step test that emulates backend application interactions with API endpoints for an accessible, intuitive, and simplified workflow with templates and dashboard
  • Automatic discovery of critical API endpoints from AWS API gateway
  • Easily establish baseline API performance through simple, comprehensible test templates that can be copied, extended and augmented, expediting issue resolution and presenting opportunities for optimization
  • Visual validation of API response content, including third-party API calls, enables a comparison of content variation between a CDN and origin server, providing an automated approach to determining caching issues

A Common Operating Language Between DevOps, NetOps, and Service Providers

  • Real-time, historical, and multi-service snapshot views of API reachability and performance allow you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your environment—helping you select the best APIs for your web applications
  • Interactive sharelinks offer an easy way to escalate issues with providers and internal teams and optimize response times
A common operating language between DevOps and NetOps

Overcoming API Complexity: How to Assure Modular and Distributed Applications

In this eBook, you’ll learn about the impact that ballooning application complexity is having on the user experience, why you need insight into the parts of the app experience that you don’t control to optimize performance, and how to measure and test critical workflows and backend interactions to external API endpoints.

Overcoming API Complexity

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Why ThousandEyes?

Visibility To Monitor API Reachability

See into your digital supply chain to monitor API reachability and protect app functionality.

Clear Evidence To Resolve Issues Swiftly

Work with providers to resolve user-impacting issues with clear evidence for reduced MTTR.

Powerful Insight for Complex Workflows

Observe complex workflows with multiple API interactions and understand how it affects application experience.

See how API Monitoring can address visibility challenges impacting modern applications.

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