ThousandEyes Pricing

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Pricing That Fits Your Business

ThousandEyes is an annual subscription, and pricing is based on your visibility needs.

Network & App Synthetics

Test Units*

Active monitoring for your network and applications from Cloud Agents and Enterprise Agents.

  • Application-aware network monitoring
  • Web app monitoring
    (HTTP, FTP, Browser)
  • DNS monitoring
  • BGP route monitoring
  • VoIP/UCaaS monitoring

*Test units are calculated based on the number, type and frequency of monitoring tests being run.

End User Monitoring

User Endpoints

An end user perspective of app, LAN, WAN and Internet performance from employee laptops and desktops.

  • User session details with granular waterfall view
  • Network path visualization
  • Wi-Fi AP, SSID, and Signal Strength
  • VPN Gateway and Proxy
  • DNS Server monitoring

Internet Insights

Providers and Regions

Leverage collective intelligence to understand how service provider outages impact your digital experience.

  • See Internet conditions that impact your business
  • Communicate proactively with customers about outages
  • Collaborate with providers to improve your digital experience
  • Track service provider availability over time and choose reliable partners
  • Global network outage dashboard

WAN Insights

ThousandEyes WAN Insights is available for current Cisco SD-WAN customers with qualified Cisco DNA licensing tiers. Visit Cisco to learn more about enabling ThousandEyes WAN Insights for your organization.

Why ThousandEyes?

Use a cloud-based solution that is always available, even if your network isn't

Get access to IPv4, IPv6, and broadband Cloud Agents in 195+ metro locations around the world

Deploy unlimited Enterprise Agents within your environment

Gain rich insight from BGP routing data

Integrate your IT ecosystem using native REST API

Get help from our team of networking experts with 24x7 consultative live chat, or over email, web, or phone

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