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Raising the Bar on End User Monitoring

Get Network Visibility Across Your AWS Deployments

Amazon Web Services provides an elastic and scalable platform for deploying applications in the cloud. While IaaS has simplified the process of migrating workloads to the cloud and promoted a microservices architecture, it has changed the dynamics of service delivery and monitoring web services. Application performance is dependent on multiple factors such as latency across AZs, availability of S3 buckets, API interactions and DNS resolution. What about end-user experience? When you don’t control the underlying infrastructure or the connectivity into your services, how can you ensure performance?

The Cloud-sized Hole in Your Monitoring Stack

Traditional monitoring software practices and techniques like SNMP, packet analysis, flow and logs (syslog etc.) work great for an on-premises data center, but tools like these flatline in a public-cloud environment like AWS where there is limited visibility and ability to instrument. AWS CloudWatch, for AWS cloud monitoring, can provide insights into VPC performance, but it lacks the perspective of end-user experience and doesn’t cover the interconnectivity between AWS networks in different regions that host multi-tiered applications. AWS CloudWatch also doesn’t provide visibility into Internet connectivity to external SaaS services. We call this a visibility blindspot. Solutions you have typically relied upon don’t address the visibility blindspot, so we came up with our own unique AWS monitoring solution.


Public Cloud Performance Benchmark

A metric-based comparative study of network performance and connectivity across AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM and Alibaba Cloud. Analysis covers multi-cloud architectures, US broadband ISPs, the AWS Global Accelerator and more.


Active Monitoring for Cloud Ecosystems

ThousandEyes uses active monitoring techniques to collect critical performance metrics and visualize delivery paths from your users to the AWS data centers. You can use our AWS application monitoring to view availability, usage and response times correlated with intra-region, inter-region and inter-service network packet loss and latencies and identify performance bottlenecks within your cloud environment. Unlike other AWS monitoring tools, ThousandEyes uncovers hidden dependencies across AWS network services like EC2 and S3 to minimize operational risks. You can also monitor and validate availability of external API engines, perform AWS uptime monitoring, AWS server monitoring, and track other services delivered via the Internet that your AWS-hosted applications rely on.


Monitoring Connectivity of AWS Services

Watch the webinar to learn how you can use our AWS monitoring for your AWS services.

Visibility Inside Your Corporate Perimeter—and Beyond

Save time and take advantage of our global network of Cloud Agents in 201 cities, including agents within 16 AWS regions, to understand the performance of your applications from an end user perspective. With Enterprise Agents located within your VPCs, monitor regional service dependencies, troubleshoot hybrid architecture snags and visualize bidirectional network paths. The cloud might be murky, but don’t let it fog your cloud migration strategies and prevent you from effectively monitoring AWS environments.


See Real Global Connectivity to Your AWS Deployments

Get performance insight help from Cloud Agents installed in AWS regions.

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See Into the Cloud and Across the Internet

You might not own the AWS infrastructure or Internet connectivity to and from it, but you are responsible for user experience and service delivery.

  • Monitor end-to-end latency and visualize application delivery paths
  • Isolate causes of application delivery issues within minutes
  • Share data to enable transparency between partners and vendors and eliminate finger-pointing

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Why ThousandEyes?

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Cloud Agents in all AWS regions provide instant visibility into your cloud network and application performance so you can make the best hosting choices.

Deliver Superior Digital Experiences

Uncover hidden dependencies and gain visual intelligence on user experience and external services such as API gateways from your cloud infrastructure.

Streamline IT Operations

Share AWS dashboards, metrics and visualizations with internal and external stakeholders to collaborate, prove innocence, and solve problems faster.

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