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Contact centers are the lifeline of the modern enterprise, providing critical front-line support and services when a customer calls in for help. In many cases, these experiences can be the only relationship some have with a brand—so these customer interactions need to be seamless. 

Legacy call centers relied on circuit switching that was sufficient for voice phone calls, but as contact centers began to adopt omnichannel practices—using chatbots, real-time messaging, social media, email, video conferencing, and more—to improve customer satisfaction and customer engagement, enterprises have transitioned to modern packet switching environments that are better suited to handle the data demands.

Additionally, as enterprises continue to move from on-premises solutions to cloud-hosted contact center applications, such as Amazon Connect, and the contact center agents themselves become more distributed from hybrid and remote work, the IT teams who support these critical apps and workers are facing unprecedented challenges. 

With every home office becoming a “branch of one,” IT teams now need to support virtual contact center workers as efficiently as they could when agents worked in the office. Moreover, IT needs visibility into the experience of contact center technology, including cloud-hosted apps, so they can work with their providers to resolve the root cause of user-impacting outages or performance degradations. Ideally, these issues should be resolved before an agents’ KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are jeopardized, or their ability to satisfy customer expectations is put at risk.

The Contact Center Monitoring Solution, Built for Cloud and Internet Environments

ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence provides a contact center solution with next-level visibility and actionable insight for IT and operations teams, who are supporting business-critical, modern contact centers in a distributed, cloud-enabled landscape.

Contact Center Monitoring Solution

Deep Insight Into Each Worker’s Digital Experience—and Every Dependency

  • End-user vantage points provide insight into the health of workers’ local connectivity, such as their Wi-Fi and ISP performance
  • Automated Session Testing enables IT to proactively address issues with collaboration apps before the user is impacted
  • Path visualizations give you a clearer view inside VPN tunnels and are correlated with underlying network connectivity so you can pinpoint bottlenecks

Instant Visibility Across the Internet, Cloud, and SaaS

Instant visibility across the Internet, cloud, and SaaS
  • BGP and network path visualizations empower IT to understand how traffic is being routed between users, sites, and key business applications
  • Page load tests, RTP stream tests, and HTTP tests provide metrics so you can baseline performance and quality scores to monitor experience over time
  • Browser-based RUM enables IT to monitor web application performance from the user' perspective using a browser plug-in

Actionable Evidence That You Can Escalate and Share

  • Interactive sharelinks can be sent to providers, clients, and executive stakeholders to create a common operating language, providing a shared understanding as to the source of a problem
  • Dashboards and reports can be shared with key stakeholders to build trust and alignment, , and next-generation webhooks can improve ITSM workflows
  • Agent View dashboard provides Help Desk teams with a single pane of glass to see the health of user experience across device, app and network
Actionable evidence that you can escalate and share
Customer Perspective

"ThousandEyes gives us the ability to look at actual data on all the users for a particular application, or client environment, to assess the situation and come up with a quick solution. And, even if we don’t have a solution, we at least know the problem. Having that insight gives our customers great confidence."

Ted Sanfilippo

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Why ThousandEyes?

Visibility To Support Agents, Wherever They Work

ThousandEyes End User Monitoring provides deep insight into workers’ digital experience and the digital dependencies that impact agent performance, including Wi-Fi, VPN, last-mile ISPs, and more.

Insight Into Network Condition Impacting Agents’ Applications

ThousandEyes provides instant visibility across the Internet and into the cloud, allowing IT to understand every dependency that impacts app experience—from the SaaS provider’s infrastructure to external dependencies, such as DNS, BGP, CDNs, and more.

Trusted, Provider-agnostic Evidence To Resolve Issues Swiftly

ThousandEyes generates provider-agnostic evidence that can be used to escalate issues to the correct party for fast and efficient troubleshooting. These insights can also be shared with clients, who may be experiencing ongoing issues, to improve transparency.

Get performance insights for all your critical contact center workers and applications.

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