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Retailers Face Multiple Challenges

Internet outages and performance issues can impact critical in-store technologies like point-of-sale systems, putting revenue and customer satisfaction at risk

Increased dependencies from APIs and microservices bring additional complexity and outage risk to e-commerce and customer-facing applications

Issues impacting the applications and communications systems used by contact center workers can limit their ability to provide exceptional customer service

Limited visibility into distributed environments makes it difficult for IT to support a productive, secure, and high-quality experience for remote workers

Assure Customer and Employee Digital Experience With ThousandEyes

Seamless Customer Interactions

Assure the network, cloud infrastructure, and APIs responsible for delivering key customer touchpoints both in-store and online, including customer-facing POS systems and web applications

Productive Employee Experiences

Empower your workforce and contact center staff by optimizing the performance of essential productivity applications and unified communication platforms over SD-WAN and SASE environments

Secure, Resilient Infrastructure

Monitor from inside the LAN/WAN environments and out to the Internet to identify outages and traffic anomalies associated with BGP hijacks or DDoS attacks that might impact your retail or fulfillment operations

See Everywhere That Matters—From Online to Supply Chain to In-store

Sample end-to-end service delivery architecture for retail
Online Shoppers

Ensure shopper satisfaction by emulating e-commerce transactions or website interactions

Remote Workers or Contact Center Agents

Monitor remote working infrastructure, VPN gateways, Wi-Fi, and VDI systems

CDN & DDoS Mitigation

Reducing risk of service disruptions due to DDoS attacks, BGP route leaks, and DNS hijacks

Internet, Data Center, DNS Providers

Support IT services and applications across your infrastructure, cloud, and WAN from operation facilities, stores, call center, and office


Minimize outage impact from your upstream/downstream ISPs

API Monitoring

Visualize B2B connectivity and API functionality from critical services such as SAP or PayPal


Monitor productivity and collaboration tools such as Office 365, Webex by Cisco, and Microsoft Teams

Leading Retailers Trust ThousandEyes


Room & Board Takes the Showroom Experiences Home With ThousandEyes

See how Room & Board empowers employees and customers with showroom-like digital experiences for its modern American craft furnishings.

Yottaa Delivers Accelerated E-commerce Website Performance Using ThousandEyes

Learn how Yottaa, an e-commerce acceleration platform, uses ThousandEyes to deliver e-commerce website performance improvements to its customers with a competitive edge in the market.


Building Customer Trust with Network Intelligence at RichRelevance

Learn how RichRelevance, a retail personalization platform, uses ThousandEyes to improve troubleshooting during network connectivity interruptions.

What Customers Are Saying

“ThousandEyes helps us deliver the quality experience that we want to put forward to our internal employees and customers. It has enabled our customers to feel confident in their interactions with us in the virtual space.”
Mark Rodrigue
Senior Network Engineer
Room & Board
“We haven’t seen the BGP routing visibility ThousandEyes provides in any other network monitoring tools or services. That’s key for us since, for a proxy service like Yottaa, we need to be able to know how our service is going to get to our various customers’ origin servers and then ultimately to the customer’s end users.”
Ben Trafton
VP of Customer Success
Customer Story

Licensed Sports Merchandiser Assures Fan Access to Gear for the Game With ThousandEyes

This sports merchandiser offers high-quality sports apparel and accessories loved by enthusiasts. To embrace digital transformation and expand online channels, they use ThousandEyes for network operations and troubleshooting.

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