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Get Network Monitoring Visibility Across Your Google Cloud Environments

With ThousandEyes for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) monitoring, enterprises have the ability to measure and visualize application and network-layer performance in real-time on a cloud-to-cloud, Internet-to-cloud, and inter-region basis. Companies gain immediate and comprehensive visibility into every service delivery path of the Google Cloud infrastructure that includes cloud storage, CPU computing resources, cloud monitoring APIs, virtual machines, and metadata using key monitoring metrics to overcome the complex operational challenges of multi-cloud platform deployments, allowing them to overcome the complex operational challenges of cloud (or multi-cloud) platform deployments, accelerate the adoption of cloud resources, and deliver superior user experiences.

Leverage our global network of Cloud Agents, pre-deployed in 201 cities, including 17 Google Cloud regions, for immediate insights into your Google cloud services. Or, deploy lightweight Enterprise Agents in your Google Cloud VPCs for insights into private network paths. Together, these vantage points give you deep visibility into end-to-end paths across your enterprise LAN, WAN, ISPs and your cloud interconnect options.

Network Monitoring Visibility Across Your Google Cloud Environments

Top Findings from the Cloud Performance Report: 2022 Edition

See the top findings from the Cloud Performance Report, which examines and compares the network performance and connectivity architectures of the top three public cloud providers: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

See Cloud Performance Report to compare the network performance of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

See Global Connectivity for Your GCP Deployments

Get performance insights from Cloud Agents installed in Google Cloud regions.

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    Streamlined Configuration and Automatic Setup for Google Cloud Monitoring

    • Leverage ThousandEyes Test Templates to set up tests for commonly used Google Cloud Services without having to manually map destination URLs and API endpoints
    • Deploy pre-configured content, such as alerts and dashboards, that give you instant insights into the performance of your applications running on Google Cloud
    • Streamline the setup process for monitoring new applications by using this repeatable and standardized template approach
    • ThousandEyes path visualization shows the hop-by-hop network path and health between test agents and Google Cloud Services, helping you isolate issues related to loss, latency, and network routing in order to rapidly determine if it’s being caused by the application service or the network.
    Streamlined Configuration and Automatic Setup for Google Cloud Monitoring

    Why ThousandEyes?

    Accelerate Cloud Adoption

    Cloud Agents in cloud provider regions provide instant insights into your cloud network and application performance by collecting key metrics for web-services apps.

    Deliver Superior Digital Experiences

    Uncover hidden dependencies and gain visual intelligence on external services, such as API gateways, from your cloud-native infrastructures to your apps.

    Streamline IT Operations

    Share monitoring data via dashboards, metrics and visualizations with internal and external stakeholders to collaborate, prove innocence, and root cause to solve problems faster.

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    Start Monitoring Your Google Cloud Network

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