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Gain End-to-end Visibility Across Critical Apps, Services, and Infrastructure

Digital transformation has driven network administrators away from the setup they were once accustomed to on-premises to a new application and systems architecture that is increasingly distributed and cloud-based. The transition has made modern enterprises rely heavily on the Internet to deliver and consume applications and services.

Many different networks and services now impact application availability and performance. ISPs, DNS, CDNs, and advertised BGP routes are all potential points of failure between your users and your critical applications. They can cause performance issues, costly outages, and downtime that disrupts employee productivity and customer experience. Identifying the root cause and location of issues that prohibit near-perfect uptime is a significant challenge for admins without visibility into each of these dependencies.

Moreover, it used to be that you polled network devices like switches and firewalls via SNMP (simple network management protocol) to collect link states, throughput, errors, discards by interface, and other network traffic metrics. But with hybrid work, network issues have evolved in such a way that IT infrastructures must also now contend with residential bandwidth, home routers, and other network components outside of IT’s direct control.

Monitor All of the Networks That Impact You

ThousandEyes goes beyond traditional network performance monitoring (NPM) by showing you all the dependencies across the Internet and cloud that impact your enterprise’s network health down to the endpoint. Not just another network monitoring software based on NetFlow, we give you deep performance and availability insights that help you pinpoint bottlenecks, wherever the IP address.

Our network monitoring solution is amplified with routing, reverse DNS, and device data including CPU for a multi-dimensional view of the digital experience. By enriching our performance data, we offer key features to improve your network infrastructure and customizable management tools to help create the best network around.

End-to-end Visibility Into Network Problems That Impact Application Delivery

  • Perform page load, transaction, and HTTP tests on third-party dependencies to understand how they affect application delivery across regions and over time
  • Quickly pinpoint packet loss, high latency links, and overloaded data centers disrupting your application performance for effective troubleshooting

Insights Beyond the Boundaries of the Traditional WAN—Into SASE and SSE

  • Diagnose non-optimal routing, policy misconfigurations, and peering issues in your entire network or in one of your upstream providers
  • Analyze the overlay and underlay network paths before your SD-WAN rollout for proactive performance management
  • Verify that operational-level agreements (OLAs) and service-level agreements (SLAs) are being met and performance levels are within established thresholds

Detect Disruptions Seamlessly to SaaS or Secure Gateway Connections

  • Comprehensive waterfalls and web page load metrics display end-to-end network connectivity all the way down to Wi-Fi access points
  • Real-time visualization of Layer 3 network hops presents how your global users are connecting to SaaS and internally hosted apps
  • Receive alerts for dips in connectivity, response times, or availability so you can address and escalate issues faster with SaaS providers

Opportunities, Challenges, and Solutions in the SD-WAN Era

Enterprises must address network visibility and application performance equally to ensure that SD-WAN delivers on expectations, requiring a modern approach to monitoring.

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